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Raised Glass Countertops

Raised glass countertops have all of the specs and positives as the rest of our glass countertops. While the thought of updating your kitchen counter tops can be daunting, a raised glass counter top from CGD Glass is the easiest way to add contemporary style to your kitchen without having to redo your current counter tops. Instead of rearranging the layout of your counters, glass raised bar can be connected to your existing kitchen to make it look new, fresh, and unique.

There are also a couple of options to install a raised glass bar, depending on the look you desire. One of the options would be to use standoffs/angled brackets. This is a simple way to add a sophisticated design element to your kitchen. Another way is to add a substrate on the existing counter and then mount the glass on top of it. You can choose from different options to create the finish of the bar top; from the thickness you prefer, to different textures, edge work, and clarity. You can also choose the material for the substrate. Not only will it add a touch of style to your kitchen, but it will also give you additional space. This type of mounting system allows an extension off the countertop or peninsula, and will provide more useful surface area to your kitchen. This is also a completely effortless way to add additional seating areas. The raised glass bar top gives your kitchen both modern style and functionality.

Raised Glass Countertops we have recently created for our clients

Create Your Own Raised Glass Countertop !

Select Your Measurements & Thickness
Choose Your Glass Type
Choose Your Texture
Choose Your Edge Work
Choose Your Surface Treatment
Choose Your Color (Optional)
Choose Your Substrate (Optional)
Choose Your LED Back Lighting (Optional)


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