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02 Jan


Start off the New Year Right with a Beautiful Glass Kitchen Island

January 2, 2018 | By |

Over the past two months of the holiday season, you probably spent quite a lot of time getting reacquainted with your kitchen. Between basting turkeys, baking cookies, prepping sides, and making other meals, you’ve been in the kitchen almost more than any other room in the house.

While of course all the hustle and bustle of holiday cooking can be stressful on anyone, don’t you wish there was an easier way to prepare food during the holidays and any other time of the year? There is: with a kitchen island.

Here at CGD Glass Countertops, our kitchen islands are designed to be gorgeous and functional. You get all the beauty of glass that our customers love with the lasting durability of each glass product we custom-design.

For instance, if you already have countertops from us, we can match these to your kitchen island. If you want your kitchen island to stand out and be its own unique element, we can do that as well.

Here are some of the options you get to choose for your customized kitchen island:

  • The glass thickness and measurements
  • The glass type, including Ultra Clear (translucent glass base) or Aqua Clear (pale blue glass base)
  • The glass texture, such as Linear, Pixels, Desert, Avalanche, Galaxy, Flow, Stream, Sandstorm, and Melting Ice, with some available with Ultra Clear or Semi-Frosted textures
  • The edge work, including Fire Polished, Satin, Flat Polished, Textured, or Brushed Satin
  • The surface treatment, with options like Stone Wash, White Onyx, and Green Onyx
  • Backpainting colors (which are optional), such as Sky Blue, Multicolored, Copper Light, Bronze Semi-Frost, Rusty Gold, Charcoal Gray, and Jet Blue Metallic
  • Substrates, which are also optional
  • LED lights, including single-color lights or multicolored lights

Imagine preparing a big meal with your kitchen island designed according to all the options above. You can even get it backlit so your kitchen glows at night.

Of course, January has just started, which means you may be a little reticent to spend money right now. We get it. If you’re still on the fence about getting a kitchen island, we hope these reasons will convince you:

  • Glass kitchen islands are easy to clean, especially when you order one from CGD Glass Countertops. You just need soap, water, and a soft cloth for wiping down the island.
  • Since our glass is such high-quality, it comes free of crevices where food debris and bacteria can hide. That makes your kitchen island a hygienic surface in which to prepare food.
  • A kitchen island gives you more counter space, which is especially handy if you have many people in the kitchen at once or you’re making a big meal.
  • By getting a glass kitchen island installed in your home, you can increase the curb appeal of your property.

Are you convinced now? We hope so. If you want to get started designing and planning your dream kitchen island today, our staff at CGD Glass Countertops is ready. Contact us online and we’ll work on putting together a quote.

18 Dec


Your Holiday Gift to Yourself? A Kitchen with Upgraded Glass Features

December 18, 2017 | By |

You’ve got your spouse, your parents, your children, your friends, a few coworkers, and your aunt and uncle who are coming up from out-of-state for the holidays. Is there anyone else you forgot to get a gift for?

As a matter of fact, there is. What about yourself?

Yes, that’s right, you should treat yourself to something nice for the holidays, too. A kitchen with upgraded glass features makes the perfect gift that not only you can enjoy, but the whole family as well.

You’ve probably always wanted to remodel your kitchen, but you just can’t allocate the funds. With a few upgraded features, you’ll have what looks like a brand-new kitchen for less!

Not sure where and what to shop for? Here at CGD Glass Countertops in Toronto, we specialize in all things glass. Our pieces are customizable so you’re always happy with your result. Here are some of the kitchen items we specialize in.


Whether for the bathroom or kitchen, our glass sinks are utterly gorgeous. The sleek, textured glass in customizable colors will make your kitchen one of your new favorite places to be. We also make vanities, which are a bathroom essential.


If you don’t have a backsplash currently installed in your kitchen, you’re going to wonder what you’ve been missing. Backsplashes protect juices, liquids, food particles, and other cooking messes from splashing up on your wall and staining it.

You’ll be impressed with the looks, too. When you order your backsplash from CGD, you can customize it any way you want, including the shape, size, and color(s). It’s your kitchen, so have your way.


Impress friends and family this holiday season with stunning, sleek glass countertops. With different glass thicknesses available, as well as various textures, edge details, and colors, you can guarantee your glass countertop is a one-of-a-kind home addition. You can even potentially get LED lighting installed so your kitchen glows!


Wooden tabletops are so boring. Upgrade with a glass tabletop that makes cleaning up post-food messes a breeze. Just grab a soft cloth and wet it and most stains, sticky spots, crumbs, and messes are gone. That’s it. There’s no special (and expensive) cleaners. Just wipe and you’re done.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchens are often bustling places, especially if you have family staying over. You might have up to three people in the kitchen at once jockeying for position. Bumping elbows with relatives is no fun, especially if it’s before you’ve had your morning coffee.

A kitchen island provides another food prep space away from all the action. These islands are trendy and really structure your kitchen. You can choose to match your kitchen island to your countertop or you can go a totally different route. It’s completely up to you.

If you’re ready to treat yourself this holiday season, give us a call at CGD Glass Countertops at 416-398-9733. You can also reach us through an online form on our website or you can just send us an email at  

15 Nov


How a Glass Countertop Will Make Your Thanksgiving Cooking Prep Fast and Easy

November 15, 2017 | By |

Although it passed in Canada, Americans are already preparing for their Thanksgiving. It’s the unofficial start of the holiday season, and, if you’re having extended family over, it can be a very stressful day.

After all, you’re going to spend most of your time in the kitchen, cooking and prepping food for the big feast. There’s the bird itself as well as countless side dishes like stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. Oh, and who can forget the pumpkin pie and assortment of desserts?

If it’s Thanksgiving preparations—not the tryptophan—that leave you drained by the end of Turkey Day, it’s time to rest easy. With a sleek new glass countertop from CGD Glass Countertops, you’ll find it’s so much simpler to make Thanksgiving happen.

Curious how? Allow us to explain.

No Risk of Spreading Bacteria

Raw turkey isn’t exactly sanitary. You’re probably in the habit of washing your hands as much as you can while handling the bird, which is good. What about all the countertop surfaces the uncooked turkey sat on, though?

With a wooden countertop, the woodgrains wear down over time from cutting, dicing, and other food prep. Small crevices form in the woodgrain, so if you just give your wooden countertop a cursory wipe-down, you’re probably not cleaning all the bacteria off the surface like you thought you were.  

Like most uncooked poultry, there’s a risk of contracting salmonella if you’re not careful.

With a glass countertop, especially from CGD, you don’t have to worry about spreading bacteria. Your glass countertop will be a smooth, flat surface with no tiny crevices for bacteria to hide.

Stains, Spills, and Sticky Spots Wipe up Easy

When you’re cooking three or four things at once, your kitchen isn’t exactly at its tidiest. That’s okay; it happens, especially around the holidays. That said, the longer those stains, spills, and sticky spots sit on a wooden countertop, the worse the damage becomes.

Depending on the size of the liquid spill we’re talking about here, warping becomes a possibility. Plus, you might have to scrub and scour to clean the stain away if it sets.

With glass, you can let stains sit for a while and get to them when you can and they’ll still wipe up clean. There will be no stickiness, no discoloration, and no hint that you ever spilled a thing.

How about that for a holiday miracle?


Crumbs and Food Residue Are Gone in a Flash

The aforementioned tiny crevices in wooden countertops also make the ideal place for crumbs and food residue to get trapped. It’s not exactly sanitary to prepare and eat food on these surfaces once that happens.

With glass, all you have to do is moisten a soft cloth and wipe in one direction. The crumbs and food residue are gone, just like that. You’ll have enough headaches on Thanksgiving, so this is one you can avoid.

If you’re interested in learning more or ordering your own glass countertop today, contact us at CGD Glass Countertops. We’re available via online form or by phone to answer your questions.

02 Nov


Rebuilding after the Hurricane? Glass Countertops Are Cost-Effective

November 2, 2017 | By |

From Texas to Florida, Louisiana to Puerto Rico, the slew of hurricanes that ripped through these areas from late summer to early fall caused major damage. Just because these hurricanes are no longer in the news doesn’t mean the people in these ravaged areas don’t need help. They do.

Many people evacuated during these storms, only to come back and discover their homes had been completely ripped away. Some still had the foundation of their property but almost everything had to be gutted and started over.

At this time, as the rebuilding process begins slowly, many homeowners across the country are thinking about cost-effectiveness rather than attractiveness.

Donations and aid are trickling in, and insurance may cover some of the damage, but homeowners who want to rebuild right away may end up relying mostly on their own wallets to do so.

That may mean choosing cheap options for countertops and other home additions. This seems like a good idea at the time, because these countertops are cheap.

These homeowners aren’t necessarily thinking long-term, which is okay. They have a lot to worry about already. Yet within a few years, that cheap Formica countertop will have lost its value and become an eyesore.

If you’ve been affected by any of the hurricanes and you need to rebuild your kitchen or other rooms in the house, we implore you to consider us at CGD Glass Countertops. We’re a glass designer and manufacturer that’s based in Canada. We customize many of our products, including our countertops, so our customers get a unique experience every time.

We know glass is a great countertop material, and we think you’ll agree. Glass has a timeless appeal, a subtle beauty that enhances any room without stealing away attention. You can get your glass transparent or colored any hue you wish with our one-of-a-kind backpainting.

Glass is also quite affordable, making it a cost-effective option. Here at CGD Glass Countertops, we’ll provide you with a quote before work starts so you know exactly how much you’re spending. There will be no surprises.

You’ll also find that glass is quite easy to clean, which is great for keeping your kitchen tidy. Other materials, such as wood, have tiny holes within the grain that are ideal hiding places for bacteria to grow.

As you wipe up your wooden countertop, unless you give it some elbow grease, you may not fully remove that bacteria. That makes the countertop a hotbed for illness, especially if you have little ones running around.

With glass though, there are no such microscopic crevices in which germs can hide. You simply use a soft cloth and some water and wipe in one direction. Your glass countertop will be clean right away. Stains, crumbs, and stickiness won’t be around long.

If you’re interested in browsing our selection of glass items, we also produce decorative glass doors, panels, partitions, sinks, and backsplashes. Yes, any of these can be customized. To learn more, please call us at 416-398-9733.

18 Sep


Water Gets Permanent Marker off Glass Surfaces? Here’s What You Need to Know.

September 18, 2017 | By |

When you have children, you often have to make home decor concessions. The nice artwork and expensive accent pieces get put away in boxes for a few years. You may even think about investing in a couch cover.

Yet despite your precautions, the kids will end up getting into something they shouldn’t have at some point. You’re only one person, and you can’t always have eyes around the whole house.

You’ve probably had to replace some beloved furniture because it got ruined by a curious toddler who thought it was a plaything. It happens. Now you come home from work one day, dismayed to find that your new glass countertop or backsplash has been used as a coloring surface.

All over, there are lines and streaks of variously colored permanent markers. Oh well, you think, time to get a new one. Right?

Not exactly.

It turns out you can quickly and easily get permanent marker off glass surfaces.


In Physical Review Letters, a science journal, a team of researchers, engineers, and scientists published their findings on how to get rid of pesky permanent marker stains.

If you have some water, you can do it, too. The team applied the ink-stained glass item to water, submerging it so the stain was fully underwater. Within a few moments, the stain disunited from the glass. The marker writings could even be seen bobbing in the water. Yes, permanent marker floats!

If this sounds crazy or a little too good to be true, it can all be backed up with science. Physical Review Letters notes how the ink is bound to the glass via a seal. When surface tension is applied with water, that seal is destroyed, allowing the permanent marker stains to disappear without any scrubbing and stressing.

Follow These Steps

If your young kids have written all over your glass table or countertop, here’s how you can clean it up.

Step 1: Remove the stained glass if possible. If it’s a backsplash, take it off the wall. If a glass panel is damaged, uninstall it.

Step 2: Fill a large basin with water in it. The basin should be large enough so you can submerge the marker-stained glass. Other ideas for the basin are a spacious sink, bathtub, or even a kiddie pool.

Step 3: Submerge the glass item so the stained portion is completely underwater. Don’t go too quickly.

Step 4: Hold the item underwater and wait. It should only take a few seconds before the permanent marker slips off the glass and into the water.

Step 5: Take the glass item out of the water. Carefully dry it with a soft cloth, going in one direction to avoid streaks.

Step 6: Reinstall the glass item in its original location.

It’s as simple as that. Who knew science could come in handy for homeowners with children? Next time one of your favorite glass items gets stained by a child’s permanent marker rampage, you’ll know what to do.

Of course, if you’re thinking of buying a glass accent item now that you know how easily they’ll clean, contact us at CGD Glass Countertops today.



17 Jul


Glass Versus Granite: The Facts

July 17, 2017 | By |

When it comes to buying new countertops, kitchen islands, and other common household items, you probably spend a lot of time debating the material that will be used. After all, there’s so much to think about, so you want to be sure you made the right choice.

First, you have to think about the looks of the material. Is said material chic and appealing? Then you should check its durability. How many years will it be before you have to get a new countertop or other surface?

Of course, you will have to clean these surfaces, so keep that in mind, too. Some materials are magnets for stains and stickiness while others wipe up clean easily. Last, you have to think about your budget. The more luxe the material, the more it will cost.

Many people, when thinking about remodeling their countertops, get stuck choosing between glass and granite. Which one is the better value for your money? We’ll explore that now.


Looks: Known for its high-quality looks, granite may be various colors, including brown, black, white, gray, copper, or a combination of these. However, granite only comes in colors available from nature.

Cost: Granite is generally a more expensive material. If you’re thrifty, it is possible to find deals. If you find you’re overwhelmed by the price of granite and you’re trying to stick to your budget, get a countertop made of another material (like glass) with granite accents.

Cleaning: You can clean granite with a household cleaner or soap and water. That said, if there are chips and crevices from years of wear and tear (more on this in a moment), it can be harder to reach into those crannies and clean efficiently.

Durability: Granite, for its cost, is not the most durable material. As the homeowner, you may have to reapply a sealant every few years to prevent dings and scratches. Such damage is mostly inevitable, though. If you have a kitchen spill, you may also permanently stain your granite surface.


Looks: Above, we mentioned how granite is only available in natural hues. That’s not so with glass. You can get this translucent if you prefer, or glass may be colored or painted any color of the rainbow. There’s no limit to the color palette you can choose.

Cost: Glass can be costly, but not if you buy it from the right manufacturer. At CGD Glass Countertops in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we present our quotes upfront so you know just how much you’ll spend.

Cleaning: Cleaning glass is fast and easy. Like granite, you can use soap and water or a household cleaner and wipe the surface. Make sure to wipe in one direction to prevent streaks.

Durability: Glass is incredibly durable. It will not scratch or chip, even with years of daily use. You can’t stain glass; if you spill something, you can simply swipe it up right away with a paper towel or cleaning rag.

The choice is clear. Glass is the better value for your money. If you want a new glass countertop, call us at CGD today.

03 Jul


Tips for Selecting New Countertops

July 3, 2017 | By |

Are your countertops in desperate need of a change? Perhaps you (or the previous homeowner) chose a style that’s terribly outdated by now. The material could be gaudy, or—even worse—cheap, so your countertop is slowly falling apart with each use.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to upgrade, you may find yourself overwhelmed with all your choices. There’s marble, stone, glass, plastic…how do you know which countertop is best for your home? Which will stand the test of time and still look great in five or 10 years?

Here are some of our tips for picking the best countertop for your kitchen.

Consider the durability of the material

All countertops are built to last, but some are designed for better longevity than others. Plastic countertops, for instance, are cheap and good for the next several years. You can’t really expect these to be in great condition a decade from now, though.

Marble or glass countertops are considered the best of the best in terms of materials. While these may cost more initially, they last the longest. That means you save money over the long term since you won’t have to worry about replacing your countertops for many years.

Project long-term trends

Then there’s the look of your countertops. It’s easy to look at 2017 trends and decide that way, but that’s not necessarily smart. You have to be discerning when choosing your countertop design.

Think as far out into the future as you can. Is that colorful, funky trend that’s hot this year going to be popular a decade from now? Or should you play it safe and choose a simple yet timeless design?

Your own sense of style comes into play here. Don’t make life harder for yourself by choosing a style that will be out-of-date in a year or two.

Know you don’t have to settle on just one material

Can’t pick between marble and granite or stone and glass? You don’t have to! Today, you have the option to design your countertop out of a mix of materials. A lot of these play nicely with one another, so go ahead, try something a little bold.

Go to a showroom

You can look at tons of pictures of countertops online, but you won’t know what the real thing looks (and feels) like until you see it in-person. Go to a showroom near you. Even if you don’t do business with that particular company, you can still get a solid idea of what your countertop will look like in your kitchen.

This also lets you narrow down options. You may love the look of stone, for instance, but hate how it feels.

Call in the pros

If you’re stumped and need some help picking a countertop, don’t be afraid to call in the pros at CGD Glass Countertops. We’re a Canadian glass designer and manufacturer who specializes in producing countertops. No matter your budget or your ideal countertop design, we’re certain we can help you make it a reality. Give us a call today to learn more!


01 Jun


2017 Backsplash Trends

June 1, 2017 | By |

Is your backsplash looking a little worse for wear? That’s totally normal. These kitchen wall protectors may need to be replaced every few years, especially depending on the material you chose.

If you got a wood backsplash, for instance, the wood may have faded, rotted, or warped in spots. That certainly warrants a replacement. A metal backsplash may look tarnished and rusted from long-term exposure to liquids.

If you’re thinking of replacing your backsplash this year, why not go for glass? This material is chic and modern. It’s much easier to clean up liquids and other food debris after each cooking session with glass. Not only that, but glass won’t fade, warp, rot, or rust.

Need some inspiration? Check out these 2017 backsplash trends.

Combine Patterns and Textures

If you’re not ready to give up the wood or metal just yet, you don’t have to. Try combining them with glass for a fun new take on backsplashes. Similarly, you can cover your wood or metal backsplash with a glass overlay. This will let you enjoy the look of your backsplash longer, as the glass catches all the liquid.


Matching Countertops

A new trend for this year is remodeling the countertops to match the backsplash. This creates a seamlessness across the whole kitchen. If you’re thinking of gutting your kitchen and starting over, why not work on the countertops, too?

Glass Penny Tiles

Tiles don’t always have to be oversized and bulky. The penny tile, which is shaped and sized like a penny, has grown in popularity this year. These tiles look great on a backsplash as well as other wall surfaces. Try changing up the colors and patterns of your penny tiles for a kitchen that looks more like a work of art.

Glazed Finish

The glazed finish (which works well on glass backsplashes, by the way) is another big backsplash design trend for 2017. These tiles are covered with a glossy glaze that almost gives each tile a reflective surface. This is a good way to update your kitchen without doing much work (or spending much money!).

Layer It up

The opposite of the glazed finish is the trend of layering tiles on top of each other. This makes any kitchen wall pop—literally—as these layered tiles create a 3D effect. That said, you will have to be more thorough when you clean your backsplash, reaching in every nook and cranny.

Are you ready to get started creating the backsplash you’ve always wanted? You can when you work with us at CGD Glass Countertops. We’re a Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based glass designer and manufacturer.

We allow our customers to design and customize almost all our glass pieces, from backsplashes to countertops, sinks and vanities, doors, partitions, and so much more.

To get started, we request you measure your kitchen wall where you want your backsplash to go. Send us the measurements, the glass thickness, and a drawing or blueprint if you have one. Then our CGD staff will send you a quote.


16 May


Everything You Need to Know about Outdoor Glass Countertops

May 16, 2017 | By |

Spring is already here, and before you know it, summer will soon follow. Are you ready for outdoor entertaining? After all, summertime is the prime season for barbeques, pool parties, and backyard gatherings.

One way you can prep your backyard for summer fun is with an outdoor glass countertop. Whether this is a cooking space, eating space, or drink-prepping space, a countertop like this will ensure your home is the place to be this summer.

Ready to be the life of the party? Here’s everything you need to know about designing and owning your very own outdoor glass countertop.

What kind of countertop can I get?

The options are nearly endless. Here are a few types of countertops to consider:

  • Glass tabletop: Slimmer in design, glass tabletops are great for gathering friends and family around for a backyard barbeque. Just grab the grill, some food, and your cooking utensils. When you’re ready to serve your fresh eats, everyone can sit down at this tabletop and dig in.
  • Glass bar top: Maybe you’re more of a drinks connoisseur. If so, a glass bar top is ideal. This sleek surface will make your home look like the hottest bar in town. You’ll feel like a pro bartender when you’re behind your glass bar top.

  • Raised glass countertop: These countertops are raised in terms of texture, not height. If you want anything but a smooth surface, opt for a raised glass countertop. You can choose the texture of the glass surface as well as the shape and texture of the tabletop ends.
  • Glass kitchen island: If you’re one of the lucky ones with your own outdoor kitchen, why not spruce up the space with a glass kitchen island? This will make storing, cooking, and serving food far simpler.

Is the glass thick enough to endure a season of entertainment?

If you order from a reputable glass designer and manufacturer like CGD Glass Countertops, then the answer is yes, absolutely. You can pick from a few glass thicknesses on most of the countertops we offer at CGD: ½-inch, ¾-inch, 1-inch, and 1 ½-inch.

Can I get my countertop lit up?

Again, if you order from CGD Glass Countertops, then yes you can. We proudly offer LED lighting on most of our glass countertops. These create a beautiful backlit glow. Who says the party has to stop just because the sun went down? With LED lights, you can enjoy more summer fun outside.

What about cleaning?

Cleaning your glass countertop and other glass surfaces is easy. You only need a soft cloth, some warm water, and soap. Fill a bucket with the warm water and soap. Dip your cloth in and wipe the glass. Make sure to clean in the same direction to prevent streaks!

Where can I find an outdoor or indoor glass countertop?

Are you looking for an outdoor or indoor glass countertop just in time for summer? You’ve come to the right place. At CGD Glass Countertops in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we specialize in stunning countertops. Give us a call today to discuss a quote.

01 May


Customization Ideas for Your Glass Countertop

May 1, 2017 | By |

When most people think of a glass countertop, a kitchen counter probably comes to mind. At CGD Glass Countertops, we offer so much more than that. We also design and retail customized tabletops, bar tops, bathroom countertops, and kitchen islands. “Countertops” are in our name, after all, and it’s a name we always strive to live up to.

If you’re thinking of ordering a customized glass countertop, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll now delve into the various ways you can order these countertops to your liking.

Glass Base Color

Although you can do so much with your glass countertop, it all starts with choosing your base. Do you want a simple transparent base or one with some color? Our aqua blue base is a customer favorite.



Slimmer countertops give off a modern appeal. Then again, you may want a thicker countertop if you do a lot of cooking. There’s no wrong choice. At CGD, we give you four glass thickness options. For a slimmer countertop, choose ½-inch or ¾-inch. If you want a thicker countertop, we recommend 1-inch or 1 ½-inch.


By now, your countertop is starting to take shape. It’s time to make it your own. At CGD, we offer endless textures that can match the preexisting designs in your kitchen. You can also go bold and choose a unique texture.

A small sampling of textures are:

  • Linear, which has raised lines throughout
  • Pixels, which look like an old-school video game world
  • Desert, which resembles dried, cracked sand
  • Avalanche, which looks like melting ice
  • Galaxy, which is totally spacy
  • Stream, which is calming, like rushing currents


The texture for the top of your countertop is taken care of. Now you can decide if you want your countertop edges to be ornate, too. At CGD, we offer edgework, where you can add texture to the edges of your countertop. Choose from fire polished, satin edge, flat polished, or textured.

Surface Treatment

Why stop there? We’ll also finish the top surface of your countertop with our specialized surface treatment. This can add even more texture and color. Your options are:

  • Multicolored glass
  • Stone wash treatment
  • Textured treatment
  • White onyx
  • Green onyx
  • Ultra clear textured treatment
  • Aqua clear textured treatment


Are you a fan of color? If so, you’ll love our backpainting capabilities. Only offered at CGD Glass Countertops, with this technique, we paint the bottom surface of your glass countertop. The color is still visible on the sides and top, too.

This is a subtle but effective way of brightening up your kitchen. We offer nearly every color imaginable, including a combination of colors. Some of these are metallic and others are textured to look rusty.


Last but certainly not least are our LED options. Yes, that’s right, you can illuminate your countertop. This is one of most popular perks offered at CGD Glass Countertops. You can get a combination of red, green, and blue lights or just white lights. The LEDs can even change colors!

What are you waiting for? To order your own customized countertop today, contact us at CGD Glass Countertops.