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15 Nov


How a Glass Countertop Will Make Your Thanksgiving Cooking Prep Fast and Easy

November 15, 2017 | By |

Although it passed in Canada, Americans are already preparing for their Thanksgiving. It’s the unofficial start of the holiday season, and, if you’re having extended family over, it can be a very stressful day.

After all, you’re going to spend most of your time in the kitchen, cooking and prepping food for the big feast. There’s the bird itself as well as countless side dishes like stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. Oh, and who can forget the pumpkin pie and assortment of desserts?

If it’s Thanksgiving preparations—not the tryptophan—that leave you drained by the end of Turkey Day, it’s time to rest easy. With a sleek new glass countertop from CGD Glass Countertops, you’ll find it’s so much simpler to make Thanksgiving happen.

Curious how? Allow us to explain.

No Risk of Spreading Bacteria

Raw turkey isn’t exactly sanitary. You’re probably in the habit of washing your hands as much as you can while handling the bird, which is good. What about all the countertop surfaces the uncooked turkey sat on, though?

With a wooden countertop, the woodgrains wear down over time from cutting, dicing, and other food prep. Small crevices form in the woodgrain, so if you just give your wooden countertop a cursory wipe-down, you’re probably not cleaning all the bacteria off the surface like you thought you were.  

Like most uncooked poultry, there’s a risk of contracting salmonella if you’re not careful.

With a glass countertop, especially from CGD, you don’t have to worry about spreading bacteria. Your glass countertop will be a smooth, flat surface with no tiny crevices for bacteria to hide.

Stains, Spills, and Sticky Spots Wipe up Easy

When you’re cooking three or four things at once, your kitchen isn’t exactly at its tidiest. That’s okay; it happens, especially around the holidays. That said, the longer those stains, spills, and sticky spots sit on a wooden countertop, the worse the damage becomes.

Depending on the size of the liquid spill we’re talking about here, warping becomes a possibility. Plus, you might have to scrub and scour to clean the stain away if it sets.

With glass, you can let stains sit for a while and get to them when you can and they’ll still wipe up clean. There will be no stickiness, no discoloration, and no hint that you ever spilled a thing.

How about that for a holiday miracle?


Crumbs and Food Residue Are Gone in a Flash

The aforementioned tiny crevices in wooden countertops also make the ideal place for crumbs and food residue to get trapped. It’s not exactly sanitary to prepare and eat food on these surfaces once that happens.

With glass, all you have to do is moisten a soft cloth and wipe in one direction. The crumbs and food residue are gone, just like that. You’ll have enough headaches on Thanksgiving, so this is one you can avoid.

If you’re interested in learning more or ordering your own glass countertop today, contact us at CGD Glass Countertops. We’re available via online form or by phone to answer your questions.