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15 Aug


Cook a Lot? Consider Upgrading to a Glass Countertop

August 15, 2016 | By |

Who doesn’t want an appealing kitchen? It’s no wonder that thousands and thousands of Americans spend thousands and thousands of dollars a year remodeling their kitchens. Cabinet and shelving materials, flooring, and countertops can look dated after just a few years. There are always newer and better materials, some that are tech-friendly and others that are better for the environment.

If you cook often, your kitchen is probably as contemporary as possible. It may even be futuristic compared to your friends and neighbors’ kitchens. You take pride in your kitchen just as you take pride in your food. You know you need the best appliances and the best materials possible to help you cook the most delicious meals.


In that case, why don’t you have glass countertops? If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen yet again, glass is a great material to choose for a multitude of reasons. First, it’s incredibly durable. When you order glass countertops or other glass materials from CGD Glass Countertops in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, you can choose the width of your countertop so it’s thick and tough. You won’t have to worry about chips, dings, cuts, and other damage that can gradually accrue as you cook. Glass is meant to last.


Glass countertops are also easy to clean. With a wooden surface, crumbs and microscopic food particles can get caught between the woodgrains. You can’t necessarily easily clean these, leading to bacterial growth and the chance for the family to get sick. If metal has small, ornate details, food can also get trapped there, making this a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Glass surfaces are often smooth (although you can customize your glass texture any way you like when you order from CGD), and only require a soft microfiber cloth and some water to clean away grime, stains, and food particles.

Besides being totally functional, glass also looks good. If you want your kitchen to look as modern as possible, and even futuristic, you’ll love the glass options from CGD Glass Countertops. As mentioned, you can customize any and all parts of your glass countertop, including the texture, edging, and backpainting. This lets you add a dose of color to your countertop. No matter the color of your kitchen, you can definitely find a matching hue. Feeling bold? Try bright metallic reds, blues, yellows, purples, and greens. Want all eyes on your kitchen? A multicolored backpainted countertop will do just that.


You don’t have to stop there. CGD Glass Countertops also proudly offers LED lighting on some of its countertops. Imagine this: you cook a fantastic meal you’re very proud of, and you invite the family to fetch their dishes on a countertop glowing in the evening. This is one way to ensure your countertop is a step ahead of the competition. These lights can be a single color or can even be multicolored, switching between warm and enveloping hues.

To learn more about remodeling your kitchen and getting an appealing glass countertop, contact CGD by phone or email.

02 Aug


Will Decorative Glass Match My Home Decor?

August 2, 2016 | By |

As you’ve planned your home remodeling project, you’ve likely spent weeks if not months researching and getting design inspiration. You’ve probably browsed blogs and websites, watched videos, read magazines, and maybe even talked to an interior decorator or two.

You want to do something different, and you’re thinking glass is the answer. After all, glass accent pieces are one way to really modernize and update the house. Instead of metal, which is overdone, and wood, which is prone to warping and chipping, glass is a durable and appealing choice. Cleaning it is easy, as the homeowner only needs a soft microfiber cloth and some water. Maintenance is few and far between.


However, metal and wood can be painted to match wallpaper, paint, and other central colors that make up a room. Glass, on the other hand, just kind of comes the way it does: translucent. Right? Not exactly. Those who are wondering if a glass accent piece will match their home décor in the midst of their remodeling project should get in touch with CGD Glass Countertops.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, CGD Glass Countertops is yes, known for its glass countertops, but it also produces glass doors, panels, sinks, partitions, backsplashes, and more. The company can also customize any of these pieces to match a customer’s exact specifications, making decorative glass accent pieces the perfect touch for those remodeling their home.


Glass doesn’t just have to be translucent. It can be, or it can be as colorful as the rainbow. It’s really all up to you. CGD Glass Countertops lets customers choose between ultra clear or translucent glass or aqua clear or pale blue glass bases. Right off the bat, you can already inject some color into your glass accent piece or leave it as transparent as you want.

CGD also lets customers choose a surface treatment for some of its glass items, including countertops. The colored glass is a multicolored treat with shades of yellow, deep navy blue, and white. Green onyx adds a slight pastel hue for those who have a demurer remodel in mind. You might want to consider adding some texture to your surface treatment to really let any color pop. Even if you opt for translucent glass, textures like spacy galaxies, gentle water currents, and desert winds make for quite a unique touch.


No matter the color scheme of your home’s décor, you can get your glass accent piece backpainted at CGD Glass Countertops. This process just involves painting one part of the glass to give it some brightness sure to last for years to come. Want some texture and shine? Try the textured crimson, gold, silver, copper, or multicolored options. Feeling bold? Go for hues like silver metallic, red, jet blue metallic, and purple. Need to keep it tame? You can always select from white, gray, black, and beige.

Once you have your remodel design in mind, make sure to send along a floor plan or even a drawing to CGD Glass Countertops. You can then get a quote and the work can begin.

18 Jul


Uh-Oh! Broke a Glass Accent Piece? Here’s What to Do

July 18, 2016 | By |

It’s probably happened to you before: you accidentally drop a drinking glass and it shatters to the floor. Perhaps you’ve broken a mirror or even a window. What do you do in each of those cases? Carefully sweep away the glass shards, replace the broken item, and get on with your life.

However, when it comes to glass accent pieces, especially ones that are custom designed, the answer isn’t so simple. What do you do if you break something like that? While decorative glass is typically made to be thick and durable, if dropped or slammed, it will break or at least crack. You may have bumped a backsplash in a cooking frenzy or damaged a glass partition when cleaning.


So just what do you do? Well, there are a few methods that could potentially salvage your unique decorative glass piece.

In some cases, if the damage is incredibly minor, like a few chips or a small hairline crack, glue or a similar product could reseal the glass for further use. However, this will not work in all cases and even if it does, the glue may not be a long-term solution. If it gets wet, it may fail to work at all, leading to further damage to the glass item.

Sometimes replacement glass may be able to fix the problem. Of course, this all depends on what type of glass item has broken. Is it a shower door? Replacement glass should do the trick. Is it a backsplash? That should work too. You can even try this method with damaged countertops. However, if it’s a colorful or textured item, it will be nearly impossible to find similar glass for repairs.


Of course, when dealing with broken glass, always be very careful to avoid cutting yourself. You should also work gently to avoid further breaking the fragile glass. Do be aware that in some cases, it’s just not possible for you to take care of the job yourself. That doesn’t necessarily mean the glass accent piece is a goner. You should just call a professional.

CGD Glass Countertops is a Toronto, Ontario, Canada glass manufacturing company that produces and sells decorative glass doors, panels, partitions, sinks and vanities, backsplashes, bar tops, kitchen islands, countertops, and more. These items are often customized with unique colors, textures, and sometimes even LED lighting.


Depending on the extent of the damage, a CGD Glass Countertops professional may just suggest you get a replacement piece. If you remember the options you chose when getting your decorative glass piece in the first place, replicating it shouldn’t be too difficult if you rely on CGD.

In the future, when cleaning or dealing with glass accent pieces, make sure to treat them gingerly. While glass is a fantastic material for household goods and decorative items, and while it’s far from fragile if produced by a quality company, accidents do happen and glass can still break. Luckily, you can call on CGD Glass Countertops in such a situation.


01 Jul


The Advantages of a Glass Countertop

July 1, 2016 | By |

You have to admit, you’ve been charmed by the appeal of glass countertops. This material is beautiful and can be as simple or ornate as one wants. If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen and getting a new countertop, you may be strongly considering getting one made with glass. However, something is giving you pause.

Perhaps you’ve heard a horror story or two from a friend or coworker who had a beautiful glass structure that shattered. This makes you nervous about choosing glass for the main material of the countertop. Of course, any material is only as good as the company that manufactures it. Those contemplating getting a glass countertop should consider the many advantages of glass.

glass bathroom countertops

First, it’s durable. It all depends on the thickness of the glass. Obviously, a thin, flimsy glass mirror probably won’t hold up as well as a heavier glass countertop. CGD Glass Countertops in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is a renowned glass manufacturing company that specializes in making and selling lasting glass countertops. The company also produces glass doors, panels, partitions, sinks, backsplashes, bar tops, and more.

Next, a glass countertop is easy to clean. The kitchen is arguably one of the messiest rooms in the house since everyone’s always cooking, eating, or otherwise dealing with food. Over time, stains and messes can ruin even the most stain-resistant countertop, leaving it yellowed and sticky. That’s not so with glass. It won’t ever get to that point since cleanup is so easy. You simply need a soft cloth and some warm water and the stains come right off. If dealing with a particularly stubborn stain, add a little dish soap to the cloth.


Not only is glass easier to clean, it may keep the family healthier. How often do you deep-clean your kitchen, gutting all the cabinets and shelves to get at every dark and dusty corner? How often do you scrub the wood to make sure no stains or dirt are left behind in those subtle crevices? What you miss could lead to the spread of germs. Glass has no such crevices, reducing the chances of everyone getting sick.

These are also customizable beyond belief. If you want a simple countertop to match the rest of the kitchen, this can easily be done. If you want something more complicated, like an interesting shape, textured glass, colored glass, and sometimes even backlit glass, CGD Glass Countertops can more than likely make this a reality. You certainly don’t have those sorts of options when choosing a wooden countertop.


Speaking of wood, how well does it really hold up to hot temperatures? You probably do a lot of cooking in your kitchen, so the oven is on often. Wood is likely to warp. Once that happens, there’s nothing you can do about it. Even metal may not be totally resistant to changing temperatures. Only glass can handle a cold beverage and a warm dish at the same time.

Interested in ordering your glass countertop? Contact CGD Glass Countertops today.


16 Jun


Tips on Glass Maintenance and Cleaning

June 16, 2016 | By |

You’ve invested a lot in your glass accent piece, whether it’s a door, large panel, partition, sink, backsplash, countertop, decorative item, or something else. If you buy any of these items from CGD Glass Countertops in Toronto, you know these are made of durable, thick glass that is customized to your liking and is sure to last for years to come. However, you still need to handle the glass with care. Here are some tips on glass maintenance and cleaning for long-term beauty.


If you have any window cleaner around the house, feel free to use this on your glass products. If you’re feeling especially handy, you can even make your own with a bit of vinegar, water, and rubbing alcohol mixed into a spray bottle. Alternately, some soap and water also suffices in a pinch.

While you can choose from practically endless textures at CGD Glass Countertops, including ones that mimic the flow of running water, the sands of the desert, the pixels from your favorite old school video game, and the vastness of space, you don’t want to wear down these textures over time from cleaning. If your glass is smooth and translucent, you also want to avoid ugly streaks or smudges. Just what do you use to clean then?


You can try a few different options. Use a rag, a discarded t-shirt, a squeegee, or a cloth specially made to clean glass. Just make sure that whatever you use is especially soft to prevent accidentally scratching or damaging the glass. You can even try using a newspaper to give that beautiful glass accent piece an appealing shine. Of course, you have to make sure you don’t accidentally get the newspaper soggy, since the ink will bleed. You should also probably wear a pair of rubber gloves to avoid transferring the ink to your fingers.

If you don’t want to waste a perfectly good sunny day spending time cleaning your glass pieces, you don’t have to. Experts actually recommend getting out the cleaning products on a day when it’s rainy or cloudy. This gives plenty of time for your cleaning products to dry naturally so the glass is left sparkling.

glass countertop

As you clean, make sure to follow a certain technique. You want to avoid smudges, so don’t go bottom to top. Instead, do the opposite. This prevents excessive amounts of liquid cleaner from pooling down and ruining the polished appearance of the glass.

Just how often should you clean your glass accent pieces? There’s no real set timeframe. If you want to polish these weekly, you can. If you want to clean them once a month, go for it. You put the thought and money into these timeless glass accent pieces, so you want them to look as good as possible.

Sink 1

Of course, if you have any questions about your glass products, feel free to reach out to CGD Glass Countertops. You can call 416-398-9733, send an email to, or fill out a handy form online, where you can also upload images and other files.


31 May


All You Need to Know About Glass Doors

May 31, 2016 | By |

Glass is undoubtedly beautiful, but is it an appropriate material for household décor and items like doors? Actually, it absolutely is. If you’re considering getting a glass door built and installed at home or at the office, you may have some questions about durability, privacy, and maintenance. Here is everything you need to know about getting your very own glass door.

Is a Glass Door Going to Hold up?

While you may have a notion that glass is a fragile material, it isn’t always. Glass doors are designed to be thick and tough so they can be used as often as a door made of metal or wood. As long as you don’t slam these and use them carefully and conscientiously, your glass door should last you for years to come, making it a worthwhile investment.

Decorative Glass Door 1

Are Glass Doors as Durable as Other Doors?

As mentioned, they absolutely last for years with the right care and maintenance. Of course, glass is more easily breakable than a wooden door, but this material also requires less maintenance. Wood can fade, chip, and warp. A glass door will look as good as the day you got it even a year or two down the road.

What about Privacy? Can People See Right Through the Door?

Glass doesn’t necessarily have to be transparent. Perhaps your friend, family, or neighbor has had a glass front door. Think about that. It was likely textured or beveled to keep prying eyes out. The same goes for an interior glass door. You can choose to get a variety of textures added to the door that will decrease visibility and let you enjoy your privacy. Some textures you can choose from include a spacy galaxy texture, a calming wavy glass texture like that of running water, and a grainy, tough texture like sand blowing in the desert.

Decorative Glass Door 3

Is Cleaning a Glass Door Difficult?

You’ll find that you spend less time with maintenance on your glass door compared to doors made of other materials. With a wooden door, if the paint begins to fade or the wood at the bottom of the door begins to chip away, there’s nothing you can do about it. If someone accidentally puts a dent in a metal door, you’re stuck with that. With a glass door though, cleaning is a breeze. You simply need a wet cloth. Just gently rub it over the surface of the glass to remove dust and dirt. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Decorative Glass Door 2

Where Should You Order a Glass Door?

Interested in ordering a glass door? Contact CGD Glass Countertops. This Toronto, Ontario, Canada glass designer and manufacturer sells decorative glass pieces like backsplashes, sinks, partitions, panels, and doors. No matter which glass product you choose from, at CGD, you can get it customized exactly to your liking, choosing the size, glass texture, and color. To learn more or get a quote today, contact CGD Glass Countertops by phone or email.

16 May


How to Design Your Own Custom Glass Decor

May 16, 2016 | By |

You’ve spent countless hours browsing the home décor section at your local home goods store. When you’re not out shopping, you’ve been online, browsing digital circulars and websites. Still, after weeks or months of looking, you just can’t find the exact glass décor you want. It’s your house, and you want everything to look just right. What do you do? Do you just give up because your search has been futile? Or do you push on?


There’s no need to give up when you can give CGD Glass Countertops a call. This Toronto, Ontario, Canada company has nearly 20 years of experience designing and customizing gorgeous glass accent piece for customers. No matter what you envision for your home, it can become a reality with CGD. The company produces glass doors, panels and partitions, sinks, backsplashes, tabletops, bar tops, kitchen islands, and countertops.


Now that you know that you can make the glass accent piece of your dreams into a reality, just how do you go about designing your own custom glass home décor? First, you need to take measurements to send to CGD Glass Countertops. Take time to double-check your work to make sure that your measurements are just so. If you have more information about your glass item, such as a blueprint or a drawing of what the finished product should look like, feel free to send these along as well. These just help the CGD staff make your glass product look even better.

Once CGD receives the measurements for the glass item, their staff will pass along an estimated quote. You just have to agree on the quote and you can begin designing wonderful and durable glass décor. All glass items from CGD Glass Countertops are made of thick glass that cleans up easily and isn’t fragile. You’ll wow friends and family each time they visit with the enchanting quality of glass home décor.


How do you want your glass to be different? You have almost endless ways to customize it. If you don’t want translucent glass, choose from a pale aqua blue base. If you want your glass to have some character, you can get it textured. Depending on the glass piece you want, you can get the sides textured to match. Do you want a smooth, soothing texture like that of a rolling sea? Do you want one that’s rougher and grittier, like the blowing sands of a desert?  At CGD Glass Countertops, you can find these textures and more.

Color Changing LED RGB Lights

Color Changing LED RGB Lights

Do you like color? You can infuse your glass with your favorite hue. CGD Glass Countertops has backpainted its glass for years, but the trend is finally catching on and becoming popular. Whether you want one color or multiple, backpainting the glass is a useful way for it to match other existing décor and to add a pop of liveliness in any room. At CGD Glass Countertops, we want customers to make the most exciting and fun glass items they can. Call today to get started customizing your glass décor.

01 May


Decorative Glass from CGD Glass Countertops Is the Perfect Decor for Your Expanded Kitchen

May 1, 2016 | By |

While once the kitchen was simply the place where you cooked and served meals, times are changing. More and more, families may sit around and talk over dinner, sip some drinks, or munch on a snack here. It’s no wonder then that expansive kitchens have become so trendy. As the name suggests, these kitchens are larger and better. While yes, they have all the amenities of a traditional kitchen, including cabinets, shelves, drawers, countertops, sinks, dishwashers, microwaves, and more, these go far beyond traditional kitchens.


To reflect the lounge area that the kitchen is quickly becoming, expanded kitchens may be made of luxe materials like classy wood and plush leather. Instead of the cold, hard surfaces of some kitchens, these materials invite guests to sit and stay for a while. If you love the idea of an expanded kitchen, this is certainly a worthwhile investment. After all, you’re extending your kitchen so it becomes another room for spending time in, much like a living room, den, or entertainment room.

Substrate Raised Glass Countertop

If you need some ideas for redesigning your current kitchen, why not consider decorative glass accents and other pieces? Dismiss the notion that glass is a fragile material that’s only good for windows. If you shop at CGD Glass Countertops, you can ensure that any glass item you choose is thick and durable. In fact, you can even choose the thickness of the glass yourself if you contact CGD and send along specifications. How’s that for convenient?

Raised Glass Bar Tops

Speaking of convenience, glass is so easy to clean. While wood may need a certain finish to keep it looking luminous and smooth for years to come, that’s not the case with glass. Leather requires a special cleaner to rub away stains and other blemishes. With a glass kitchen accent from CGD Glass Countertops, all you need is some soap and a wet cloth. You simply rub over the glass surface and, with a little elbow grease, those stains and smudges will come right off.

You probably already have a design scheme in mind for your planned expanded kitchen. Your decorative glass accents can be any color you want. Glass doesn’t just have to be transparent. When you shop at CGD Glass Countertops, you can select from any color under the sun. You can choose an aqua blue glass base or request that your glass accent is backpainted. This adds a unique layer of color that looks beautiful in natural or artificial light.

Standoff Angle Bracket Raised Glass Countertop

If you are a fan of natural light, you’ll let a lot more of it in your kitchen with glass pieces from CGD Glass Countertops. Sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D and can flood the brain with endorphins, meaning you’ll feel cheerier as you go about your day cooking or eating in the kitchen. You can’t get those same benefits with wood or leather. No matter what ideas you have in mind for your expanded kitchen, CGD Glass Countertops can make them a reality. Call or email today to learn more or request a quote.


15 Apr


Just in Time for Spring Cleaning: Organize Space with Glass Partitions from CGD Glass Countertops

April 15, 2016 | By |

The days are longer and the cold temperatures are slowly thawing out. With that extra daylight, it’s time to get active and reorganize the house inside and out. Decluttering not only makes your home more appealing, but it gives you peace of mind as well. Organizing can be tough though. You can try arranging items on shelves, in bins and containers, on hooks on walls, and in closets, but if you need something more, why not try glass partitions from CGD Glass Countertops?


CGD Glass Countertops produces a variety of beautiful glass home items, including doors, panels of any size, sinks and vanities, backsplashes for the kitchen or bathroom, and of course, countertops. All these products are made of thick, durable glass that’s sure to last for years to come. You can customize the glass any way you want, choosing its shape, size, texture, color, and more.

Glass partitions are a flexible solution for the home or office. You can move these from room to room to open or close up space. If you just started working from home, you can carve out your space so you can be productive and enjoy distraction-free days. If you’re hosting a party and want to keep guests from venturing into certain rooms, just set up one of these partitions. These can also be installed more permanently as a type of replacement wall.


Sunshine, in small dosages, is good for your physical and mental health. Imagine letting in the beauty of natural light on a daily basis instead of relying on lamps and other sources of artificial light. You’ll feel peaceful, energetic, and ready to take on the day. Your house will be more appealing than it was before.

If privacy is a concern, these glass partitions from CGD Glass Countertops do not necessarily have to be transparent. As mentioned, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to designing your partition. CGD Glass Countertops lets you choose all aspects of the design, including the glass texture. Some of the options available include a folded style, an avalanche style (deep cuts in the glass), a desert style (designed to look like cracked sand), a galaxy style (made to look like space), a stream style (mimics the smooth currents of running water), a sandstorm style in semi-frosted or ultra-clear, and a melting ice style in semi-frosted or ultra-clear.


Do certain rooms in your house already adhere to a specific color scheme? Your glass partition from CGD Glass Countertops can blend right in. You can choose to get your glass backpainted to give it a luminous blast of color. Just a few of the options you have at your disposal are black, antique copper, gold, charcoal gray, blue, red, green, yellow, white, silver, and multicolored.

Ready to order your glass partition from CGD Glass Countertops today? It’s easy. You simply measure the room or the wall and send those specs along. If you have a blueprint, illustration, or picture of the room, that’s even better. From there, CGD Glass Countertops will get in touch and send a quote.

01 Apr


The Benefits of Glass Backsplashes from CGD Glass Countertops

April 1, 2016 | By |

Imagine this: You’re in your kitchen preparing a meal for the family. You’re so caught up in your cooking that you don’t even notice until it’s too late; you accidentally splashed some liquid on the walls when pouring them into the sink. The longer the stain sits, the more likely it is to set. You scrub it away with a sponge but that doesn’t help. Finally, it takes some heavy-duty cleaner to really get that stain out, and even then, it’s still faintly visible.

Cooking incidents like these are common, but they can kill kitchen wallpaper or pristine tile. That’s why many homeowners opt to get backsplashes installed in their kitchen. These are tiles connected into various shapes that are installed above the kitchen sink. They can be made of many materials, including glass. When water or another liquid hits these, they don’t stain.


If you’re thinking of getting a backsplash for your kitchen, choose a glass one from CGD Glass Countertops. This glass manufacturing company makes custom glass pieces for every room in the house, such as doors, panels, partitions, sinks, countertops, and more. You’ll find that having a glass backsplash installed in your kitchen is quite beneficial.

While backsplashes can be made of ceramic or metal, glass ones from CGD Glass Countertops are renowned for their beauty. When you order from CGD, you can customize all parts of the backsplash, from the size to the shape to the texture to the color. Choose from translucent glass or pale colored glass. Backpainting provides an additional layer of color. You can even ask for LED lighting for a brighter kitchen. Choose from white light or color-changing lights. These make it so you never miss a stain when cleaning.


Speaking of cleaning, it’s a much faster and simpler job with a glass backsplash. As mentioned, a backsplash preserves the walls and cuts back on messes.  You just simply use a cleaning cloth or a wet paper towel and rub it over the surface. The liquid will never stain the glass. It just wipes right off. Instead of having to spend lots of time cleaning up the kitchen after slaving over a meal, you can just go relax after dinner.


Another benefit of glass is its affordability. If you’re trying to remodel your kitchen on a budget, or if you realize that you need a backsplash but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you’ll be amazed at how cost-effective it is to order glass kitchen accents from CGD Glass Countertops. Before any work begins, you can ask for a quote so you know exactly how much you’ll spend. For the price you pay, the glass is thick and sure to last for years to come with little maintenance.

If you’re ready to order your glass backsplash from CGD Glass Countertops today, just measure the wall space in your kitchen. Send that along (blueprints work too) with some contact information and you’ll receive your quote. Don’t settle for another day with messy, sticky, stained walls when you can have a gorgeous glass backsplash from CGD Glass Countertops.