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16 Jul


Glass Countertop Maintenance Tips

July 16, 2015 | By |

Maintaining your glass countertop is a simple and essential way to ensure that it will stay looking as new as the day you installed it. Glass has become increasingly popular throughout the home because of the vast range of options for use, design possibilities, and durability. At CGD Glass we offer an assortment of glass countertop options as well as a variety of methods used to maintain them. Below we want to share with you the best way to keep your CGD Glass countertops looking new.


Not only do glass countertops bring beauty and a modern look to your home, they are also very easy to maintain. The key to keeping your countertops looking new is to clean any mess as soon as possible. Because glass is non-porous it makes even stuck on stains very easy to wipe down with a washcloth and warm water.


1) Wipe the countertop after any spills, this will ensure that no oils stay stuck to the glass. For some more stubborn stains, a regular glass cleaner should do the trick. You do not want to use any harsh chemicals or rough materials to wipe down the countertops.


2) Make sure you are placing any heavy items down softly. Our glass countertops are almost impossible to crack but being mindful will avoid that all together. Using a small foam mat or even a towel can help create a safe barrier between the item and your countertop

3) Don’t place anything on the countertop with a rough surface that could potentially scratch the glass. Investing in a cutting board is another great idea!


As you see glass countertops require very little maintenance but keeping some of these simple tips in mind is a good way to keep them for a lifetime. Our countertops have the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures as well as substantial weight. We infuse different chemical properties into our glass as well as added thickness to ensure its longevity.

At CGD countertops we use the newest technologies to bring the beauty and elegance of glass into your home. Whether as a countertop, backsplash, or sink we have the ability to fully customize any home project to your fitting.

01 Jul


4 Reasons why you Deserve a Glass Countertop

July 1, 2015 | By |

You’ve reached a point in your life where you won’t settle for mediocre, you only want the best in life and your kitchen is no different.  Glass countertops are the ultimate in high-end countertops for your any home and here are just a few reasons you deserve to own a glass countertop in your home:

1 – Subtle Elegance

The elegant beauty of a glass surface is undeniable, take a look the below picture a client sent us from a recent installation:


2 – Modern Design

Nothing says modern like a gorgeous textured glass countertop in your kitchen, combine it with our unique selection of textures, colors, finishes, & edge work and you can have a modern masterpiece that is also functional.  Check out this picture of another recent installation:


3 – Unique Lighting

The lighting option with traditional countertops are either overhead over directly above the surface, glass countertops are unique in that we can accomplish under-lit­ lighting using HQ LED lights.  We offer both cool white LED and color changing RGB lights depending on your preference:


4 – Because you deserve it!

You deserve the best in life and coming home to a gorgeous set of glass countertops will remind you and your guests every time you step into your kitchen.  Contact CGD today to get your custom glass kitchen countertop order started.

16 Jun


Kitchen Countertop Decor Ideas

June 16, 2015 | By |

Decorating your countertop correctly can mean the difference between a kitchen that looks absolutely gorgeous and one that is totally lackluster.  Here are a few suggestions to make your countertop stand out:

  1. Plants!


Plants are a beautiful and fresh way to not only decorate your kitchen countertop, but also make it functional!  Easily grow herbs like cilantro, basil, & rosemary right on your countertop, just be sure to keep them near sunlight and water them regularly.

  1. Cookie & Bread Jars


Cookie and bread jars are a great way to keep you and yours kids favorite carb snacks fresh while also adding a quaint piece of décor to your countertop.  There are a variety of different styles to match any kitchen countertop.

  1. Organize Your Spices and Sauces in a Rack


Your average kitchen countertop will have a variety of different spices, dried herbs, oils, and sauces.  Solve the clutter and give your countertop a creative infusion by placing them in decorative spice rack.

  1. Fruit and Vegetable Baskets


The classic fruit and vegetable basket is always in style and can liven up any countertop.  Wooden baskets are the most traditional route but there are a plethora of different options to be sure they match your countertop.

If you’re interested in doing more than just a facelift to your countertop, contact CGD today to see how we can transform your countertop into a glass countertop masterpiece.

31 May


Stainless Steel vs Glass Countertops

May 31, 2015 | By |

Today we will be doing a comparison of two countertop materials Stainless Steel & Glass.  This overview will focus on the pros and cons of both materials to help compare the two options as a kitchen countertop material.

Stainless Steel Countertops Pros & Cons




Stainless Steel is a steel alloy that contains a minimum of 10.5% chromium.  This type of steel does not corrode quickly and has many commercial and residential uses based on the different types of finishes.


  • Durable
  • Heat Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Non Porous
  • Hygienic & Easy to Clean


  • Scratches will happen
  • Can dent if not careful
  • Cold look and feel
  • These counters are Noisy
  • Will leave Fingerprints and Smudges
  • Very Expensive (More than glass and granite)

 Glass Countertop Pros and Cons


Enns kitchen3

Kitchen glass countertops (Raj)2

Glass comes from sand, silica being the main ingredient in sand and is melted at 1700 Degrees Celsius. Some other materials or minerals may be used to add or change the color and trans-lucidity. Our thermoforming process allows us to then form the glass into a variety of different types of countertops. Glass countertops can also be customized with various textures, edge styles, surface treatments, & LED lighting.


  • Versatile, easy to form shapes with
  • Can create unique layers to add lighting, space, or artwork
  • Non-Porous
  • Heat Resistant
  • Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean
  • Various textures to choose from
  • Highly Customizable


  • Finding High quality glass manufactures may be difficult
  • Expensive
  • Repairs may be difficult
  • Sharp objects may scratch surface

If you’d like more info on glass countertops and how they compare to other materials contact us today!

15 May


Glass Countertops for Outdoor Kitchens

May 15, 2015 | By |

CGD Glass specializes in creating some of the most gorgeous glass countertops in the world.  We have created glass countertops for all types of homes, kitchen, bathrooms, spaces, and personalities.  But one glass countertop use that is largely overlooked by many is creating a custom glass bar top for outdoor kitchens.  Glass lends itself very well as an outdoor construction element and custom glass bar tops for outdoor kitchens are a great way to impress your friends and family.   Make your next backyard event stand out with a custom glass countertop by CGD Glass!

Check out some of the recent glass countertops for outdoor kitchens CGD Glass has produced:

#1 – The below installation was created for one of our clients to enjoy with their outdoor kitchen area as a bar top, it features our white onyx glass and has a 1 ½” thickness.  It also has some beautiful cool white LED under lighting for a beautiful night time effect.


#2 – The below outdoor kitchen was designed with 1 ½” thick aqua clear glass and our melting ice texture.  It also has some beautiful cool white LED under lighting as well.



#3 – The below glass bar top is one of our favorite countertops that we have built for any of our clients.  It has some gorgeous under lit LED lighting with our 1 ½” thick aqua clear glass and melting ice texture.


outdoor5The LED lighting looks spectacular during the evening.

As you can see glass countertops lend themselves perfectly to outdoor kitchen bar tops and can truly transform your outdoor experience!  Call us today and speak with one of our glass experts to see how we can design a new glass countertop for your outdoor kitchen.

01 May


The Glass Counter Breakfast Bar by CGD Glass

May 1, 2015 | By |

Here at CGD Glass we get a lot of great feedback from our clients on how they enjoy our products.  We have gotten many fruitful and great ideas from this feedback and one of the most common seems to be the use of our raised glass countertops as a beautiful breakfast bar.  It is a natural transition as raised bar glass countertops tend to lend themselves to a bar experience and breakfast is a great way to enjoy that experience!

Let’s take a look at some examples of our raised glass countertops and how they accommodate the breakfast bar top experience.

#1 – Thin Horizontal Extension


Although most raised glass countertops extend upward to give a “raised” experience to the existing bar top, the above example also horizontally to provide even more room for a delightful brunch.

#2 – Extended Stainless Steel Raised


This unique raised glass countertop is an ideal breakfast bar.  It is raised via stainless steel bars that extend from the floor and existing countertop adding a beautiful elevated space to enjoy breakfast and mimosas. 

#3 – Steel Substrate Raised


This is another example of a steel raised glass countertop, the difference here is that it is raised using a steel substrate which is connected directly to the existing bar top.  It is also situated right next to the stove for a personal “hibachi” breakfast experience.

#4 – LED Lit Wrap-Around Raised Countertop


Another wonderfully unique creation by CGD Glass, this raised countertop has beautiful LED under lighting and is a full wrap-around of the existing countertop for maximum extra space.  Pull up a few bar chairs and you’re ready for a wonderful breakfast experience.

As you can see the raised glass countertops we uniquely create for all of our clients are a perfect set-up for a breakfast bar in all aspects.  Our ability to create custom products for your home experience is limited only by your imagination so call or email us today to learn how we can transform your home with custom glass!

15 Apr


Commercial Glass Bar Tops by CGD Glass

April 15, 2015 | By |

We here at CGD Glass have noticed a big trend towards glass bar tops being used in commercial spaces, specifically high-end restaurants, nightclubs, & bars.  The appeal of having glass as the bar top material for a commercial space is extraordinary because of ease of cleaning and the gorgeous appeal the material brings to the space.  Below we will go through some of our recent Commercial Glass Bar Tops projects.

Del Monte, California High-End Restaurant

delmontebar1 delmontebar2 delmontebar3 delmontebar4 delmontebar5 delmontebar6
This was a custom bar top built for a gorgeous high-end restaurant and bar near Monterrey, California.  The glass type is our signature Ultra Clear Glass with 1 ½” thickness and the melting ice texture.  It also has custom LED lighting under the bar top.

Nassau, Bahamas High-End Pub

bahamas1 bahamas2 bahamas3
This beautiful custom bar top was created by CGD for one of our clients in the Bahamas looking to bring a beautiful centerpiece to their bar. This bar top features our Aqua Clear Glass with ¾” thickness and our melting ice texture. It is also equipped with LED lighting.

Toronto, Canada High-End Restaurant

toronto1 toronto2 toronto3 toronto4 toronto5 toronto6 toronto7
This bar top was created by CGD for one of our clients high-end restaurants in Toronto (where our headquarters are located) and features some beautiful accents. This bar top was made with our Aqua Clear Glass with 1 ½” thickness and our very popular melting ice texture with our signature under-lit LED lighting.

This is just a small portion of some of the gorgeous commercial bar tops we produce here at CGD Glass, for more info on our glass bar tops or any of our glass countertops contact us today!

30 Mar


Glass Countertops for Bathrooms by CGD Glass

March 30, 2015 | By |

CGD Glass has made a name in the interior design industry for our custom glass countertop designs.  Our stunning glass designs have been featured in homes, offices, restaurants, & even full-scale commercial projects.  Although many people associate our designs with glass kitchen countertops we also produce some gorgeous glass countertops for bathroom use.  Many of the same reasons that make glass so popular in the kitchen also make it a popular choice for bathroom countertops as well. Some of these reasons include a clean & modern feel, hygienic superiority, ease of cleaning,  & of course the elegant design.

Let’s take a look at some of our custom glass bathroom countertop designs:

#1 Aqua Clear Glass 1″ with Above Counter Sinks

glass bathroom countertops glass bathroom countertops

The natural blue green tones of this counter top bring out the open feel and look of this gorgeous bathroom space.

#2 Aqua Clear Glass 1 1/2″ with Above Counter Sinks & LED Lights

glass bathroom countertopsThis beautiful counter top features aqua clear glass, 1 1/2″ glass, our “melting ice” glass texture, & textured edges to complete the look.

 #3 White Onyx Glass 1 1/2″ with Under-mount Sinks

glass bathroom countertops

This bathroom counter top features our signature white onyx glass, 1 1/2″ glass, & texture edges.  The open white feel of this bathroom gives a classy, clean look to this bathroom.

#4 Ultra Clear 1 1/2″ with Steel Raised Substrate & LED Lights

glass bathroom countertops glass bathroom countertops glass bathroom countertops

This stunning counter top features our melting ice texture, textured edges, LED lighting, & 1 1/2″ glass.  It is also the highlight of this modern bathroom.

If you’re interested in getting a glass bathroom countertop or just looking for more info contact us today!

18 Mar


6 Popular Glass Countertop Types

March 18, 2015 | By |

Glass as a countertop material is exploding in popularity.  The popularity of glass countertops has increased mostly in kitchen uses but they also have many uses in commercial and residential spaces.  Some of the most popular types of glass countertops are kitchen, raised, island, bathroom, bar, and even table tops. Below are some examples and different types of glass countertops throughout your home and some great examples of CGD’s amazing designs!

Glass Kitchen Countertop

Sink 1

CGD’s Thermoformed glass kitchen countertops are a great example of how each countertop can be uniquely designed. Our Kitchen Countertop designs can supplement your homes design and bring out some beautiful qualities around your kitchen. CGD Glass can be shaped to your wants and needs and we enjoy designing beautiful unique pieces for each of our clients. Popular for its simplicity, this piece doesn’t take away from the simple design and manages to add a modern look and feel.

Raised Glass Countertop

Substrate Raised Glass Countertop

Here is an example of how beautiful a raised glass countertop may look in your home. This design adds style and class to what is just a simple countertop. Raised glass is as strong as any of our other styles and can be added to an existing countertop, regardless of material. Add contemporary style to your kitchen with a raised glass countertop, these are popular for their aesthetically pleasing design and extra table space available by extending the raised countertop further than the countertop itself.

Glass Kitchen Island Countertop


The most popular place for a glass design is the Glass Kitchen Island Countertop. Glass is an amazing material that works great for the kitchen area because it is a non-porous material that allows for easy cleaning and a sleek flat surface. The LED lights are very popular in kitchens because they emit a low light while adding a pearl white tone to your Glass Island Kitchen Countertop.

Glass Bathroom Countertop


One popular way to complete your Bathroom is a wonderful Glass Countertop. Our Aqua Clear and Ultra Clear Glass are very popular in the bathroom because they add to the shower/bathroom feel. Textured glass with LED Lights is a great example of how one can add a certain look and feel to your bathroom design.

Glass Bar Countertop


Glass bar tops are most popular in commercial projects and some larger residential projects. Glass Bar tops are typically requested for restaurants and bars, but occasionally are custom made for some larger home-based projects. Drinks will of course spill on your bar top, but having a glass bar top will make it easier to maintain as well as clean.

Glass Table-Top

Yura-Sinyak-DeskGlass table tops are most popular in your study space or work space at  home. Glass has a clean feel and allows for one to focus completely on whatever is in front of them. Whether studying, drawing, working or writing you want to have a clear space and mind to work with. Glass is the perfect table-top material for your work space and are available at CGD with nearly any customization!

02 Mar


9 Reasons Why Your Bar Top Should be Glass

March 2, 2015 | By |

There are many options when choosing a material for your Bar Top but in this post we’re going to go over why glass should be your number one choice. Glass has many unique properties which make it an optimal choice for any countertop, but the material lends itself especially well for Bar Tops. Bar Tops are typically known as being a place of disaster, whether it is spilled or condensing drinks or just left over grease, glass will be much easier to clean than other materials. Below are 10 Reasons why your Bar Top should be Glass:


  1. Glass is easy to clean
    • Glass usually has a flat surface which allows for easy cleaning
    • Textured Glass will also be easy to clean because of the surface being non-porousFlat Polished
  2. Glass does not absorb liquids
    • Glass is a Non-Porous material (Meaning it does not have openings like a sponge)
    • Glass is water resistant and most accidents can be cleaned with just a paper towelSubstrate
  3. Glass typically has a flat surface
    • This gives a bar top a modern look and feel
    • Allows glass to shine when cleanTriple Pencil
  4. Glass is durable
    • Glass Bar Tops are single piece glass slabs which are made very durable
    • Glass is a dense material
    • Raised Bar Tops are possible because of glass’s durabilityID-100153052
  5. Glass can be made stronger
    • Glass can be made anywhere from a ½inch thick to 2inches thick
    • Glass can be infused with other materials in order to be made stronger
    • The Properties of glass are changed during the production process in order to produce a stronger form of glass.l2
  6. Glass doesn’t stain easily
    • Glass is nearly impossible to stain, the non-porous surface doesn’t allow for any liquids to further absorb into the glass
    • Most stains are not permanent the surface of glass can be buffed out or simply wiped off.recycleglass
  7. Glass is completely recyclable
    • Glass materials are 100% recyclable
    • No material is lost during recycling
    • Glass comes from sand and can be melted into glass
    • Color sorting at Recycling Facilities provides jobs around the worldbar 8
  8. Glass is a hygienic material
    • Glass is considered to be a hygienic material by the food industry
    • Its water-resistant surface makes an easy cleanPeter-Patel-white-onyx
  9. Glass is unique!
    • Glass is a unique naturally made material