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21 Jan


5 Interesting Facts About Recycling Glass

January 21, 2016 | By |

Although we here at CBD Glass do not create recycled glass countertops, we take pride in the fact that all of the glass materials we produce are 100% recyclable. In today’s article we’d like to share 5 interesting facts about the glass recycling industry you may not know!

#1 – Glass can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity!

Unlike many other recyclables like plastic & paper products, glass can continually go through the recycling process and maintain its integrity.  This makes glass products one of the most environmentally safe sectors as they are infinitely recyclable.

recycled glass

#2 – Glass is 100% recyclable

What does it mean to be 100% recyclable? It means that all parts of the glass products can be recycled! Many other recyclables need to be sectioned to remove parts that cannot be used in the recycling process, while all parts of glass products can be re-used endlessly.


#3 – Recycled glass returns to sand

Recycled glass is processed into a form called “cullet”, which is essentially powdered glass.  This cullet resembles sand and is furnace ready recycled glass material used for production.

#4 – More than 1 ton of natural resources are preserved per 1 ton of glass that has been recycled.

This means that quite simply, the production of recycled glass pound for pound saves the same amount of natural resources.

#5 – Over 3 MILLION TONS of recycled glass is purchased annually!

That’s a lot of recycled glass!

13 Nov


A Brief History of Glass Making

November 13, 2015 | By |

Glass is something that we see everyday.  Whether it’s on our car windshields, our windows, or on our desks/furniture glass is something that we in the modern world take for granted.  In the ancient world however, glass was a marvelous and rare product reserved for only the wealthiest people.  Glass making dates as far back as 3000 B.C. and below is a brief timeline of glass making starting from the beginning:

3000 B.C. – Mesopotamia – Glass Making Begins


Although it is true that primitive man used natural occurring forms of glass (such as tektites & obsidian) to create tools, the first traces of glass creation date back to ancient Mesopotamia.  It then traveled quickly to surrounding areas of the world such as Africa, Asia, & Greece where it evolved in various ways depending on their unique cultures.

650 B.C. – Assyria – The First Glass Making Manual is Found

Having been practiced for thousands of years, a formal manual has been found that dates back to ancient Assyria where the process detailed was much more tedious and costly than our current standards.

100 B.C. – Syria – Glass Blowing is Invented



Somewhere around the 1st Century there was a major revolution in glass making.  Glass blowing was a method invented in Syria which forever changed how glass was distributed and used.  With this new technique glass could be made quickly and cheaply, making glass more widespread and common in many various different forms.  To this day glass blowing remains one of the main forms of glass creation.

100 AD – Rome – Glass is First Used in Architecture


With the advent of clear glass in Alexandria glass was now beginning to be used for architectural purposes, such as windows.  This spread quickly all over Europe and by the 14th century there was a bustling glass industry which continues to this day.

1950 – Great Britain – Float Glass Method of Glass Making is Pioneered

The most recent major development in the glass making industry is the development of the “float” method of glass production invented by Sir Alastair Pilkington.  He honed this method over 7 years and it has now become the most used form of industrial glass creation worldwide.  Although many glass craftsman still use other methods for glass creation and production.

There you have it! A brief history of glass making which has brought us to the modern day era.  CGD utilizes the most advanced methods for custom glass creation available and we’d like to think that we are at the forefront of creative glass products in our time.

30 Oct


Glass Backsplashes Have Endless Possibilities!

October 30, 2015 | By |

Backsplashes are one of the areas of a kitchen that can make a big design impact on a low budget.  CGD Glass specializes in some very unique and special forms of glass backsplashes that can re-create and re-invent many different styles.  From solid colors, clear glass, & full art work displays to textured surfaces with backlit LED lighting, the possibilities really are endless!  Let’s take a tour of some of our unique glass backsplash creations, some fully designed by our clients & created by us, while others are fully created/designed by us.

#1 – Backpainted Color Backsplash

backsplash1The above backsplash is a representation of a simple countertop with backpainted glass

#2 – Custom Colored Backsplash with Mosaic Patterns


The above backsplash is a great example of our versatility, this countertop features unique mosaic patterns inserted directly into the glass

#3 – Custom Color & Textured Backsplash

backsplash3This backsplash was designed and created to match the feel of the current kitchen set-up with custom colors and textures.

#4 – Custom Texture/Etching & Colored Backsplash

backsplash4A unique combination of our “antique” color and our “forum” texture sets this backsplash apart.

#5 – Custom Backsplash with Unique Beauty

backsplash5Looking for something modern? This backsplash is a beautiful combo of our aqua clear glass, melting ice texture, & LED backlighting

#6 – Custom Painted & Textured Backsplash

backsplash6Another fantastic example of how backpainted glass with melting ice texture can create a very unique backsplash!

As you can see, the type of backsplash we can create is only limited to your creativity!  For more info on our unique glass backsplashes contact us today!

15 Oct


Review of our Unique Glass Textures & Surface Treatments

October 15, 2015 | By |

Here at CGD we have a large collection of different textures and surface treatments that can be performed on virtually any piece of glass you order from us.  Surface treatments can be added directly onto textures thus adding an extra element to the uniqueness of every one of our glass pieces.



Textures affect the surface of the glass adding a unique organic look and feel.  CGD has the largest variety of textures for glass anywhere and our most popular is our “melting ice” texture shown below in both regular and semi-frost:





These only begin to scratch the surface of our different textures.  Below is a list of some of our textures:



Surface Treatments can be added on top of textures or can be applied to glass which have no texture.  These treatments expound the organic feel of the product and display elegance at its finest.  Our most popular surface treatment is our “White Onyx” treatment which provides a matte finish and looks brilliant with LED back-lighting.  Check out how it looks below:



Check out our full list of surface treatments below:

If you’d like any more info on textures or surface treatments contact us today!

30 Sep


Glass Sink Style Variations

September 30, 2015 | By |

Here at CGD we create a large variety of different types of glass sinks.  We wanted to give our audience and clients a complete overview of the different style variations of sinks that we create.

Integrated Sinks

Integrated sinks, as the name implies, integrate directly into surface they are built for.  We design and build beautiful integrated sinks for any type of bathroom countertop.  Check out some examples below:

integrated_sinks1 integrated_sinks2 integrated_sinks3

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks are a fantastic option for smaller spaces because they created more room by opening up the floor space.  Another big advantage is that they can conceal the plumbing in an elegant manner.  Check out some examples below:

pedestal1 pedestal2 pedestal3

Wall Mount Sinks

Wall mount sinks are an even better option for small spaces than pedestal sinks because it will take up almost no space under the sink.  These sinks are mounted directly onto the wall of a space and are both beautiful and elegant.  Check out some examples below:

wallmount1 wallmount2 wallmount3

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks have been a popular choice for many years and with many different materials.  Our custom glass vessels are a stunning piece for any kitchen and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.  Check out some examples below:

vessel1 vessel3 vessel2

Sinks with Vanities

Our vessel sinks can also be perfectly paired with a custom vanity of your choice.  We have a variety of different types and forms of vanities that we can create in a custom fashion for your sink.  Check out some examples below:

vanity1 vanity2 vanity3

15 Sep


Transform your Bathroom with Decorative Glass

September 15, 2015 | By |

Glass is one of the most elegant accents that can be added to almost any area of a home or office.  Here at CGD we specialize in many different forms of glass production that have the ability to transform your bathroom space into an elegant masterpiece.  Let’s go through some of the most important sections of a bathroom that can be transformed with glass.


Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures

Glass shower doors are a very popular choice in many homes, however CGD takes it to the next level with our custom glass shower door enclosures.  We can do engravings, custom moldings, & special enclosures.  All of these options can be customized to your exact needs whether they be residential or commercial.  Check out just a few examples of our recent work below:





Glass Bathroom Countertops

Glass countertops are our specialty, and our glass bathroom countertops are no exception.  We craft some of the most unique and beautiful glass countertops for bathrooms anywhere which can be accented by raised substrates, LED under lighting, & a large variety of different textures.





Glass Sink

Another one of our specialties is our glass sinks, the most famous of those being our world famous waterfall sink.  Our waterfall sink has been featured in countless different online/print publications and has become one of our stabled sinks (featured below).  We also offer a variety of other different forms of custom sinks.




To find out more about how glass can transform your bathroom or to get a quote please contact us today!

15 Aug


Custom Glass Panels Can Re-Create an Existing Space

August 15, 2015 | By |

Glass panels are a piece of decorative glass that can be added to many different commercial and residential spaces, but unlike glass dividers they are not meant to divide two separate spaces in one room.  With that said, glass dividers can serve a lot of different functions, such as showcasing entrances, art, signage and more.

Let’s take a look through some of our recent glass panel designs:

#1 – Below is a multi-colored & textured glass panel set that adorns a private pool for one of our clients:


#2 – This next glass panel piece was designed for one of our clients to showcase the centerpiece of the television.  This panel has a stream texture with a custom color design.


#3 – The below set of glass panels was designed for one of our client’s vacation beach homes with custom sea creatures & color changing RGB lights:

set1 set2 set3 set4 set5

#4 – The following glass panel was designed for one of our clients for their ski vacation home, showcasing an old-style ski with curved glass on the top:

secondset1 secondset2


For more info on our unique glass panels and our incredible custom glass work contact us today!

01 Aug


Recent Glass Sink Installation Showcase

August 1, 2015 | By |

Although CGD Glass is known best for our world famous glass countertops we also produce some of the highest quality custom glass products in a variety of different forms.  One of our most popular products is our unique collection of glass sinks.  Let’s check out a few of our recent installations:

# 1 – Waterfall Sinks

These beautiful and custom sinks give a flowing waterfall effect that leaves any bathroom with a sophisticated and modern feel, check out our waterfall sink in a few different sizes and placements:

cgd1 cgd3 cgd2

# 2 – Glass Countertop/Sink

This beautiful glass countertop/sink combo was done using our melting glass texture, underlit LED lighting, & a 4” stainless steel raised bracket style.


# 3 – Tendenza Vanity Sink

This gorgeous sink was created using the “Tendenza” style with a square glass sink with a small wooden substrate and several levels of elevation.


# 4 – Goldstream Vanity Sink

This unique creation is known as our “goldstream” style with a custom texture and silver color for the bottom portion of glass in the cabinet under the sink.


Have a custom sink idea of your own? If so you could be one our prestige clients by contacting us today and inquiring about your new custom glass sink installation!

30 Mar


Glass Countertops for Bathrooms by CGD Glass

March 30, 2015 | By |

CGD Glass has made a name in the interior design industry for our custom glass countertop designs.  Our stunning glass designs have been featured in homes, offices, restaurants, & even full-scale commercial projects.  Although many people associate our designs with glass kitchen countertops we also produce some gorgeous glass countertops for bathroom use.  Many of the same reasons that make glass so popular in the kitchen also make it a popular choice for bathroom countertops as well. Some of these reasons include a clean & modern feel, hygienic superiority, ease of cleaning,  & of course the elegant design.

Let’s take a look at some of our custom glass bathroom countertop designs:

#1 Aqua Clear Glass 1″ with Above Counter Sinks

glass bathroom countertops glass bathroom countertops

The natural blue green tones of this counter top bring out the open feel and look of this gorgeous bathroom space.

#2 Aqua Clear Glass 1 1/2″ with Above Counter Sinks & LED Lights

glass bathroom countertopsThis beautiful counter top features aqua clear glass, 1 1/2″ glass, our “melting ice” glass texture, & textured edges to complete the look.

 #3 White Onyx Glass 1 1/2″ with Under-mount Sinks

glass bathroom countertops

This bathroom counter top features our signature white onyx glass, 1 1/2″ glass, & texture edges.  The open white feel of this bathroom gives a classy, clean look to this bathroom.

#4 Ultra Clear 1 1/2″ with Steel Raised Substrate & LED Lights

glass bathroom countertops glass bathroom countertops glass bathroom countertops

This stunning counter top features our melting ice texture, textured edges, LED lighting, & 1 1/2″ glass.  It is also the highlight of this modern bathroom.

If you’re interested in getting a glass bathroom countertop or just looking for more info contact us today!

16 Jan


7 Things You Didn’t Know About Glass

January 16, 2015 | By |


1. Glass was not originally man made

  • When lighting makes contact with sand, the high temperatures melt the sand to form glass.
  • When Lava or Volcanos heat up it forms Obsidian, another form of glass which is dark and naturally occurring

2. Man has been making glass for a long time

  • Findings from Egypt and Mesopotamia are the oldest manmade glass dating as far back as 3500BC!
  • Telescope and Microscope lenses were originally made in the Netherlands 1590AD


3. Glass can be recycled and reused without losing any purity

  • Recycled glass conserves anywhere from 5% up to 30% energy compared to making glass from scratch
  • Recycled Glass keeps high amounts of Carbon Dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere during the process


  • Bottles and Jars made of glass contain up to 25% of recycled glass
  • Recycled glass is sorted by color to keep up with bottle “Color Standards”

4. Fiberglass is glass which is pulled into threads and then woven into fiberglass

  • Fiberglass is used to control temperature and for insulation in homes all around the globe.

5. Glass can be made into stronger or weaker forms of glass

  • Tempered Glass goes through thermal and chemical treatments to be made into stronger glass
  • Tempered Glass does not break into large pieces but rather breaks into many small fragments
  • Windshield glass is tempered glass with a laminate holding it together so it doesn’t fall apart when shattered or broken


6. Glass can be Carved, Sandblasted, Fused, Slumped, Casted, Melted and even Sculpted

  • Some common technologies to form glass include Thermoforming, Laminated Glass, Glass bending, and UV Bonding

7. Glass can be Opaque, Translucent, Back painted, Rusted, and treated with Special color treatment

Glass is a versatile material which has many uses in today’s society, from windshields to light bulbs, most need or use glass on a daily basis without even knowing it. Here at CGD we work with glass every day and specialize in thermoforming glass countertops & other forms of architectural and decorative glass. We have been doing so for over a decade with love and care. We put our full effort on every piece of glass we produce and have picked up many glass techniques and technologies to give us everything we need to create your unique piece of for your home or workplace!