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20 Feb


Tips for Budgeting for a Commercial Glass Project

February 20, 2017 | By |

Whether you own a restaurant, museum, bar, or retail store, you know that first impressions matter. Those first impressions start with the look of your commercial business. If you have an unappealing storefront or gaudy interior, you’re unconsciously turning away customers.

Remodeling with chic decorative glass is one way to get positive attention on your business. Let us help you. We’re CGD Glass Countertops, and customization is in our name (it’s what the “C” stands for). We’re a Canadian manufacturer of glass items and accents like decorative doors, countertops, partitions, tabletops, and more.

Do you want to do some remodeling? You’re going to have to plan ahead, especially when it comes to money. If your company can’t spare a ton of cash right now, you don’t necessarily have to put a remodel on the backburner. You just have to budget smart.

Here are some handy budgeting tips for commercial businesses.

1. Have a clear end goal in mind: What do you envision for your commercial space? Do you want glass tabletops on every seat at your restaurant? Do you want an LED-lit glass bar top at your bar? Do you want breathtaking glass fixtures at your museum or retail store?

Plan in as much detail as you can. This prevents anyone else involved in the project from changing the crux of the design later. After all, as the design changes, so too does the cost.

2. Ask for a quote: You shouldn’t have to guess what the final cost of your remodeling project is going to be. At CGD Glass Countertops, we offer our quotes upfront to our customers before any work begins. This way there’s no surprises on either side. Surprises may be fun in most circumstances, but not when they involve a big bill at the end.

3. Always plan for more: Have a bit more money set aside than what was quoted to you. Plan for a somewhat longer timeframe for the work. While you might not need that extra cash (especially if you work with us) and the glass item may be installed on the date you planned it, you should stay flexible.

Although it’s rare, sometimes there are snags in plans. Be ready for these snags ahead of time and you won’t get flustered.

4. Put money in now, get it back later: Remodeling can be pricy, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from the idea. Think of it as an investment. The money you put into making your commercial business look good now is going to come back to you later, maybe twofold or even tenfold.

The better your business looks, the more people are going to buy from you. That makes glass additions a fantastic ROI.

We make it easy to know how much your project is going to cost. Just send us some info about your proposed project, including the thickness of the glass and the size of the room in question, and we’ll send you a quote. Contact us at CGD Glass Countertops today!



23 Jan


The Costs of Installing a Glass Door

January 23, 2017 | By |

Although it might not seem like it with the freezing temperatures, wintry, biting winds, and snowfall and ice, spring will be here before you know it. Eventually, the snow will thaw, the sun will shine, and you will want to embrace the season. What better way to do that than with a new glass door?

Glass doors are a viable option for the interior of a home. These look especially sophisticated in offices, restaurants, and retail spaces. Of course, you may have your concerns about glass doors. Are these really as thick as regular doors? They are indeed. Do they offer any privacy or can people see right through? Not if you choose to get a textured glass door, such as the ones we offer at CGD Glass Countertops in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


We’re a glass manufacturing company that encourages our customers to custom-order nearly all our glass items, from countertops to backsplashes, glass doors to sliding shower doors, vanities and sinks, and much more.

The biggest question a prospective customer may have is how much is this going to cost? Is glass a more expensive material compared to wooden or metal doors? Actually, it isn’t. Glass door prices can range anywhere from roughly $300 for baseline doors to $1,000+ for ornate doors. Of course, those prices can vary.

Do you want to know for sure how much your glass door will cost at CGD Glass Countertops? Contact us for a quote. To give you the most accurate quote, we need to know as much about your planned project as possible, including the measurements of the room in question from top to bottom. If you have blueprints or even drawings to pass along to us, we want to see these, too. They all give us a comprehensive picture of the kind of work our team will be doing for you.

Once you get your quote and have a cost in mind for this project, you may wonder, what are the benefits of glass doors? There are plenty of them, and we’ve even touched on them on this blog in the past. Let’s reiterate. Glass is an incredibly easy material to clean. Whether it’s handprints and other smudges, with just some soap and water, you can clean your glass door until it’s shining and beautiful.

Do you not spend enough time outside? It happens to most of us. Life just gets too busy so you don’t get enough time out in nature. Instead of relying on vitamin D supplements to care for your health, why not get the real thing with some actual sunlight? Open the windows and your glass door and the light will just flood in!

So sure, perhaps you don’t have as much time to get outside as you wish, but you can still reap the mood and body benefits of sunlight just by switching out your boring current door to a glass door.

Are you ready to get started with your next home remodel? Are you ready to install a glass door? Contact us at CGD Glass Countertops today.


05 Dec


Modern Applications for Glass Doors

December 5, 2016 | By |

When it comes to your house, you don’t make any décor decisions lightly. You research constantly, looking at pictures online, paging through magazines, and creating online dream room boards. You have countless ideas, and now it’s just a matter of narrowing them down.

One of the ideas that you’ve been tossing around is getting a glass door. You love how these look. You think they add instant class and appeal to any room. However, you have questions about them. For one, how durable will the glass be? And how could you fit in a glass door with the rest of the house? You want it to blend in seamlessly but still attract attention.

As it turns out, regarding the question of durability, when you order your door from Toronto, Ontario, Canada company CGD Glass Countertops, you don’t have to worry. Our doors are made thick and are sure to last for years to come with regular care and maintenance. If you still have questions about style, we can help there, too.

At CGD Glass Countertops, we let customers create the designs of their dreams. All aspects of our glass doors can be customized, to the shape and size to the color and texture of the glass. You should have no issues finding a way to decorate your home with these new fantastic additions.


Why not open up a living room or den with a large floor-to-ceiling glass door? Think of how a door like this can benefit your home. First, there’s the amazing views. You can take in and appreciate the beauty of nature right outside your door. Sunlight will spill in. Did you know that sunlight and mood are tightly connected? Indeed, sunlight contains vitamin D, which can improve your mood. Lastly, you can save money on your electricity bill since you won’t have to be so reliant on artificial lighting.

Imagine kicking back and reading the newspaper or a good book by your large glass door. You could relax and dream the day away.


Glass doors also have a home in the bathroom. We know what you’re thinking: what about my privacy? As mentioned, at CGD Glass Countertops, we can add a frosted texture to your glass door so no one can clearly see in or out. If your bathroom feels small and stuffy but you can’t afford to get it expanded, just get a glass door instead. You’d be surprised how much roomier the bathroom will feel!

Do you work from home and want privacy? A sliding glass door lets people know when you need time to yourself. Imagine this: instead of being interrupted by kids or other family members when you really need to get work done, you can just close your door and get to it. That’s efficiency at its finest.

Decorative Glass Door 1

If you’re ready to learn more about getting a glass door today, we encourage you to email or call us at CGD Glass Countertops. We can answer any questions you have and we can even discuss your glass door ideas. Just send us a blueprint or a drawing and we can get you a quote right away.

14 Oct


Tips for Planning a Remodeling Project with Glass

October 14, 2016 | By |

You’ve been quietly saving and dreaming, and now a home remodeling project is finally within reach. You’re so excited that you’re finding it tough to narrow down your options. Just how should you remodel your home? Should you gut it and start all over? Change out rooms slowly and subtly, making minor but significant improvements? Should it be something in between?

It can be tough planning a home remodeling project. You want it to look absolutely perfect. It is your home, after all. You also want it to be timeless and contemporary so you won’t have to think about remodeling again five years from now.


At CGD Glass Countertops in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we want to help. We’re a decorative and accent glass manufacturing company that specializes in glass countertops as well as glass doors, tabletops, bar tops, panels, partitions, sinks, backsplashes, kitchen islands, and more. When you order these glass additions from us, they don’t just come as-is. We encourage our customers to engage in their creative side and customize their glass accent piece to their liking.

Need some tips on how to plan your remodeling project with CGD Glass Countertops? Here’s what we recommend.

First, measure. You can’t plan for a big glass accent piece like a countertop or a kitchen island if you don’t correctly plan out the space in your kitchen or other room in the house. At CGD, we’re happy to make all glass pieces to a customer’s preferred size specifications. Be exact in your measurements. Double-check your work. If you think it would help, get a professional drawing or blueprint made.


Think about colors. We’re quite used to making glass quite colorful at CGD. We offer pale blue aqua clear glass bases as well as translucent glass bases. We also specialize in a service known as backpainting, where we apply paint to the back of the glass to add a fun burst of color to your glass countertop, sink, partition, or other glass addition. As you can imagine, we let you choose the colors used when backpainting. You can even select a mix of colors!

When picking colors, it helps to match your new glass addition to the rest of the room. This creates a natural sense of symmetry that will make other family members second-guess whether that glass piece was there all along. Your remodel will be effective but affordable. Who doesn’t want that?


Lastly, think about textures. With our substrate layers, surface treatments, edge work, and other texturing, we can make your glass accent piece as smooth and soothing as a snowy night or as rough and pointed as the stars in the galaxy. Textures can also play nicely with other features in a room, or these can be used to make the glass accent piece the star of the show. Choose wisely!

Interested in getting started with your remodel today? Contact us at CGD Glass Countertops by phone or email. We can send along a quote so you can start budgeting.

01 Oct


Should You Get LED Lighting for Your New Glass Item?

October 1, 2016 | By |

Whether it’s a home bar, a restaurant, a small neighborhood tavern, or a homeowner’s kitchen, who wouldn’t want their bar tops, countertops, and other surfaces to impress friends, family, customers, and other passersby? Of course, choosing fashion over function normally means spending an exorbitant amount of money, which just may not be in the budget for some.

At CGD Glass Countertops in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we believe in a different approach. We want customers to be as happy as possible with our glass products, which include items like backsplashes, countertops, glass tabletops, bar tops, partitions, sinks, panels, doors, and more. That’s why we allow our customers to customize the look of their glass item from start to finish.


We offer countless ways to make a glass accent piece completely unique. Perhaps you want to get it backpainted for a funky dash of color. Maybe you want a pale aqua blue glass base. You could be into textures, choosing to get the glass carefully etched so its surface looks like shooting stars or calm ocean waves. All this is possible at CGD.

One of our favorite features we offer is backlighting some of our products, namely our counters and other tabletop surfaces, with LED lights. LEDs are smart and sustainable. Despite that these shine far brighter than traditional light bulbs, they use less energy since their wattage is lower. Not only that, but these lights last far longer than traditional bulbs, making them a time-saving, environmentally friendly option for your home or business.

Color Changing LED RGB Lights
With LED lights from CGD Glass Countertops, your options are nearly limitless. Do you prefer the simplicity of white LEDs? We have them in stock. Do you wish you could illuminate your counter with some color? Choose from hues like blue, green, or red. Can’t narrow it down to just one color? You don’t have to! We also have color-changing LEDs that gradually switch between those three shades.

Imagine what LEDs could do for your glass bar top, countertop, or tabletop. Imagine inviting people over for dinner or to your home bar and surprising and impressing them with your light-up surfaces. If you’re a bar or restaurant owner, think about the revenue potential. Adding a soft glow to a bar or tabletop with LED lights is certainly one way to get people talking. Even in today’s technological society, word-of-mouth should not be discounted since it’s still a very useful way to get customers.

Cool White LED

Cool White LED

If you are a fan of textured glass, as mentioned above, LEDs are a great choice. These light up beneath the glass surface, allowing the rough or soothing textures to really stand out. If you get special edging work done on your glass accent piece (which is another of the services that CGD gladly offers), these will also be much more visible.

At CBD Glass Countertops, we make it easy to order a glass accent piece your way. Simply send us a drawing or blueprint or just send along the room measurements. From there, we’ll get back to you with a quote. Contact us online through our mailing form or give us a call today.

02 Aug


Will Decorative Glass Match My Home Decor?

August 2, 2016 | By |

As you’ve planned your home remodeling project, you’ve likely spent weeks if not months researching and getting design inspiration. You’ve probably browsed blogs and websites, watched videos, read magazines, and maybe even talked to an interior decorator or two.

You want to do something different, and you’re thinking glass is the answer. After all, glass accent pieces are one way to really modernize and update the house. Instead of metal, which is overdone, and wood, which is prone to warping and chipping, glass is a durable and appealing choice. Cleaning it is easy, as the homeowner only needs a soft microfiber cloth and some water. Maintenance is few and far between.


However, metal and wood can be painted to match wallpaper, paint, and other central colors that make up a room. Glass, on the other hand, just kind of comes the way it does: translucent. Right? Not exactly. Those who are wondering if a glass accent piece will match their home décor in the midst of their remodeling project should get in touch with CGD Glass Countertops.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, CGD Glass Countertops is yes, known for its glass countertops, but it also produces glass doors, panels, sinks, partitions, backsplashes, and more. The company can also customize any of these pieces to match a customer’s exact specifications, making decorative glass accent pieces the perfect touch for those remodeling their home.


Glass doesn’t just have to be translucent. It can be, or it can be as colorful as the rainbow. It’s really all up to you. CGD Glass Countertops lets customers choose between ultra clear or translucent glass or aqua clear or pale blue glass bases. Right off the bat, you can already inject some color into your glass accent piece or leave it as transparent as you want.

CGD also lets customers choose a surface treatment for some of its glass items, including countertops. The colored glass is a multicolored treat with shades of yellow, deep navy blue, and white. Green onyx adds a slight pastel hue for those who have a demurer remodel in mind. You might want to consider adding some texture to your surface treatment to really let any color pop. Even if you opt for translucent glass, textures like spacy galaxies, gentle water currents, and desert winds make for quite a unique touch.


No matter the color scheme of your home’s décor, you can get your glass accent piece backpainted at CGD Glass Countertops. This process just involves painting one part of the glass to give it some brightness sure to last for years to come. Want some texture and shine? Try the textured crimson, gold, silver, copper, or multicolored options. Feeling bold? Go for hues like silver metallic, red, jet blue metallic, and purple. Need to keep it tame? You can always select from white, gray, black, and beige.

Once you have your remodel design in mind, make sure to send along a floor plan or even a drawing to CGD Glass Countertops. You can then get a quote and the work can begin.

31 May


All You Need to Know About Glass Doors

May 31, 2016 | By |

Glass is undoubtedly beautiful, but is it an appropriate material for household décor and items like doors? Actually, it absolutely is. If you’re considering getting a glass door built and installed at home or at the office, you may have some questions about durability, privacy, and maintenance. Here is everything you need to know about getting your very own glass door.

Is a Glass Door Going to Hold up?

While you may have a notion that glass is a fragile material, it isn’t always. Glass doors are designed to be thick and tough so they can be used as often as a door made of metal or wood. As long as you don’t slam these and use them carefully and conscientiously, your glass door should last you for years to come, making it a worthwhile investment.

Decorative Glass Door 1

Are Glass Doors as Durable as Other Doors?

As mentioned, they absolutely last for years with the right care and maintenance. Of course, glass is more easily breakable than a wooden door, but this material also requires less maintenance. Wood can fade, chip, and warp. A glass door will look as good as the day you got it even a year or two down the road.

What about Privacy? Can People See Right Through the Door?

Glass doesn’t necessarily have to be transparent. Perhaps your friend, family, or neighbor has had a glass front door. Think about that. It was likely textured or beveled to keep prying eyes out. The same goes for an interior glass door. You can choose to get a variety of textures added to the door that will decrease visibility and let you enjoy your privacy. Some textures you can choose from include a spacy galaxy texture, a calming wavy glass texture like that of running water, and a grainy, tough texture like sand blowing in the desert.

Decorative Glass Door 3

Is Cleaning a Glass Door Difficult?

You’ll find that you spend less time with maintenance on your glass door compared to doors made of other materials. With a wooden door, if the paint begins to fade or the wood at the bottom of the door begins to chip away, there’s nothing you can do about it. If someone accidentally puts a dent in a metal door, you’re stuck with that. With a glass door though, cleaning is a breeze. You simply need a wet cloth. Just gently rub it over the surface of the glass to remove dust and dirt. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Decorative Glass Door 2

Where Should You Order a Glass Door?

Interested in ordering a glass door? Contact CGD Glass Countertops. This Toronto, Ontario, Canada glass designer and manufacturer sells decorative glass pieces like backsplashes, sinks, partitions, panels, and doors. No matter which glass product you choose from, at CGD, you can get it customized exactly to your liking, choosing the size, glass texture, and color. To learn more or get a quote today, contact CGD Glass Countertops by phone or email.

15 Apr


Just in Time for Spring Cleaning: Organize Space with Glass Partitions from CGD Glass Countertops

April 15, 2016 | By |

The days are longer and the cold temperatures are slowly thawing out. With that extra daylight, it’s time to get active and reorganize the house inside and out. Decluttering not only makes your home more appealing, but it gives you peace of mind as well. Organizing can be tough though. You can try arranging items on shelves, in bins and containers, on hooks on walls, and in closets, but if you need something more, why not try glass partitions from CGD Glass Countertops?


CGD Glass Countertops produces a variety of beautiful glass home items, including doors, panels of any size, sinks and vanities, backsplashes for the kitchen or bathroom, and of course, countertops. All these products are made of thick, durable glass that’s sure to last for years to come. You can customize the glass any way you want, choosing its shape, size, texture, color, and more.

Glass partitions are a flexible solution for the home or office. You can move these from room to room to open or close up space. If you just started working from home, you can carve out your space so you can be productive and enjoy distraction-free days. If you’re hosting a party and want to keep guests from venturing into certain rooms, just set up one of these partitions. These can also be installed more permanently as a type of replacement wall.


Sunshine, in small dosages, is good for your physical and mental health. Imagine letting in the beauty of natural light on a daily basis instead of relying on lamps and other sources of artificial light. You’ll feel peaceful, energetic, and ready to take on the day. Your house will be more appealing than it was before.

If privacy is a concern, these glass partitions from CGD Glass Countertops do not necessarily have to be transparent. As mentioned, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to designing your partition. CGD Glass Countertops lets you choose all aspects of the design, including the glass texture. Some of the options available include a folded style, an avalanche style (deep cuts in the glass), a desert style (designed to look like cracked sand), a galaxy style (made to look like space), a stream style (mimics the smooth currents of running water), a sandstorm style in semi-frosted or ultra-clear, and a melting ice style in semi-frosted or ultra-clear.


Do certain rooms in your house already adhere to a specific color scheme? Your glass partition from CGD Glass Countertops can blend right in. You can choose to get your glass backpainted to give it a luminous blast of color. Just a few of the options you have at your disposal are black, antique copper, gold, charcoal gray, blue, red, green, yellow, white, silver, and multicolored.

Ready to order your glass partition from CGD Glass Countertops today? It’s easy. You simply measure the room or the wall and send those specs along. If you have a blueprint, illustration, or picture of the room, that’s even better. From there, CGD Glass Countertops will get in touch and send a quote.

29 Feb


Glass Doors from CGD Glass Countertops Add Sophistication to Any Room

February 29, 2016 | By |

The doors in your home provide safety, security, and privacy. However, you have to admit that they look less than appealing. Maybe your home came with cheap wooden interior doors where the faux wood paneling has peeled off. Perhaps your doors came painted, and even though you repainted them a few years ago, the color has faded and the paint has chipped. Even your front door is looking a little sad.

Decorative Glass Door 2

Instead of buying wooden replacement doors, consider going the glass route. Gorgeous glass doors from CGD Glass Countertops are thick and durable while still looking much more attractive than those old wooden doors. If your house is feeling a bit dated, step into the 21st century with frameless glass doors. These give any room a contemporary, updated appearance without you having to change any décor or items in the room itself.

Everyone loves a bright, sunny, open space. With glass doors from CGD Glass Countertops, the light can come right in, naturally illuminating the room. Normally, to get more natural light, you’d have to pay a lot of money to get bigger windows installed. Otherwise, you’d just have to invest in new lighting fixtures. Making a simple switch like going from wooden to glass doors provides all the natural light you need without the excessive cost.

Decorative Glass Door 1

Of course, your biggest concern with glass doors is probably privacy. After all, glass is quite transparent, and you don’t necessarily want someone to be able to see what’s going on in the next room through the door. At CGD Glass Countertops, how much privacy you get with your glass door is up to you. You can leave the door completely transparent, choose a textured glass to prevent prying eyes, or mix both transparent and textured glass for beautiful results.

In fact, you can customize all elements of your glass door from CGD Glass Countertops. You take your own measurements and send them in when you contact the company for a quote. You can also select from different textures, included a folded style, an avalanche style with deep cuts, a galaxy style with a raised texture, a stream style to mimic rolling currents, a frosted sandstorm style, an ultra-clear sandstorm style, and a melting ice style.

Decorative Glass Door 3

CGD Glass Countertops also specializes in colored glass. If you want your whole door a specific color, the choice is yours. You can also opt to get just portions of the door made with stunning colored glass that is sure to impress. No matter the hue you want, CGD carries it. Just some of the rainbow of colors you can choose from include gold, deep red, rich blue, copper, metallic green, vivid orange, sunny yellow, pale sky blue, and silver.

By infusing the glass with color, the delicate patterns of the textured glass become that much more apparent. Whether you want a new front door, you need replacement doors inside the house, or you’re shopping around for a new office door, at CGD Glass Countertops, you can find the perfect glass door for you.

15 Feb


Glass Furniture From CGD Is the Perfect Addition for Your Home Remodeling Project

February 15, 2016 | By |

When it comes to nice furniture, the materials that probably first come to mind include lush ones like leather, velvet, and other fabrics. While these certainly make an impact, they dull in comparison to the stunning beauty of glass furniture. Much simpler to clean and maintain since you can simply wipe away stains, crumbs, dust, and spills, glass furniture from CGD Glass is an ideal choice for your next home remodeling project. These beautiful tables, entertainment centers, and desks are made of thick, durable glass, making these a wonderful investment.


No matter how much space you have, there’s room somewhere in the house or apartment for a glass table from CGD Glass. You can get a simple end table with a round or circular top or you can choose a larger table. Even dining room tables are available. These are anything but boring, as you can choose from smooth transparent glass to various textures like frosted, beveled, and more.


Backpainting the glass provides color and shine. It also lets some glass textures look more easily visible. You can select from whichever glass color best suits your home. At CGD Glass, if you see a glass table that you like but it doesn’t quite fit your needs or your budget, you can customize it to your liking, making alterations to its size, texture, or color. The choice is always yours.


A glass TV stand is a very cool choice. Reinforced with metal hardware, you can pick from frosted glass or transparent glass for this home addition. The simplicity of this glass means that if you’re storing your favorite movies or video games that you can easily see them all. If you’ve fallen in love with glass, an entertainment center with some backpainting will make you the envy of the block. Don’t be surprised if your friends always want to go to your house for a movie night when you can choose vivid backpainted colors like white and red.


Glass can look very professional, making it the perfect material to use when designing a desk for the home or office. CGD Glass does commercial projects too. A desk made of wood and metal but finished with a translucent glass top will be your new favorite place to hold meetings, chat during a conference call, and get some extra work done. Since glass is so sturdy, feel free to put your laptop, files, and office supplies on this desk.

Ordering glass furniture from CGD Glass is easy. You simply choose which item you want, the type of glass, the size of the product, and all other measurements and send us a message!. Then you will receive a quote and work can begin from there. With glass furniture from CGD Glass, you can liven up rooms without having to gut them and start all over again. A glass table, entertainment center, or desk will be the focal point of the room.